Honda Accord 2011: Still A Kicking Tire This Brand New Year!

Next to Ford F series, Honda Accord has become the second top selling automobile in the world. With over 31,000 sales this year, the company is expecting to come up with double the numbers this 2011.  Honda accord is nominated as the best family�s sedan based on the testimonials from car owners. In comparison to older models, this type of vehicle does when it comes to reliability and quality. If we�ll talk about the sales, Honda Accord competes with another leading make � Toyota Camry.
Accord has two options. The two-door coupe and the four door type vehicle. And speaking of the inner specs, other leading makes in the market have nothing to say. The engine of the said vehicle is available in diverse selections including 177 HP, LX-P, LX, LTR V4, V 6 and 271 HP engines. And due to public demand, the company who is responsible for manufacturing Accord has also made several upgrades in the interior. 
The cabin is bountiful and the backseats have sufficient space, which is suitable enough to accommodate up to three full-sized adults. The driver�s area is also equipped with modern features and electronic devices such as DVD on board, MP3 players and the more common speedometer. Not to mention the navigation has also undergone an up gradation, there were lots of positives we could see in this automobile.
Speaking of the price, Honda Accord costs $21,000 and up. That could be to high but there�s no need to worry because the vehicle deserves for its price. Accord has already created a reputation, which makes it a prime choice to car owners all over the world. This coming year switch off, Accord will remain on its position as it is today. The above mentioned are just an overview of Accord. You can find more by checking out

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A BMW to die

A BMW to die

The bodywork company several years Fifth producing the most exotic hearses Argentina. Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Volvo and the now famous Citro�n C4 and Peugeot 406 are the work of this establishment in the city of Luj�n. However, none of his previous creations had reached the level of extravagance.

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Traverso rerun (with a BMW M5)

Traverso rerun (with a BMW M5)

After spending nearly a year tore�ndose finally former champion Juan Mar�a Traverso and the chairman of the ACTC, Oscar Avent�n, agreed to finalize this weekend in La Plata called "Challenge of the Year: BMW M5 Street, run by Traverso, try to beat the best lap time
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Launch: BMW 118i (five-door)

WHAT IT IS: The three-door version of BMW's smallest, which has just gone on sale in our market. Since 2005, the Series 1 is sold in Argentina with five doors and last year launched the Coup�.MEC�NICA: Currently, a single engine will be available: 2.0 with 136 hp gasoline engines

Launch: BMW 118i (five-door)

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Although Traverso, the BMW M5 was 15 seconds slower than the TC

Although Traverso, the BMW M5 was 15 seconds slower than the TC

This afternoon ran called "Challenge of the Year", where the champion Juan Mar�a Traverso Muliple proposed to beat the best qualifying time of a Tourism Road in La Plata with a BMW M5 Street (507 horsepower). In the end, he failed and blamed Traverso traction control.
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Released: VW and BMW X3CC RaceTouareg

Volkswagen and BMW are the two most important official teams Dakar Rally 2010 and the favorites to keep the victory in the general classification (if the buggy, Hummer and Robby Gordon Orly Terranova Mitsubishi not surprised). Next, an analysis of the machines, faithful to the style of Argentina
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With the M5, Traverso lost again against TC

With the M5, Traverso lost again against TC

Juan Mar�a Traverso took revenge today in the unusual challenge of a street car against Turismo Carretera. Lost again, but confirmed he wants to return to the categor�a.Este noon at the racetrack Buenos Aires, Traverso returned to try to improve the pole position of a car driving a BMW Turismo Carretera
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Exotic car meeting in Cordoba

Exotic car meeting in Cordoba

A service station Nono his usual quiet was disrupted when it was taken over by eight sports cars, totaling more than 3,000 horsepower and a total value was about three million dollars.The photos were sent by the reader Alexander V., who surprised this amazing trailer at the station
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Customs News: Special edition BMW

Customs News: Special edition BMW

Broadcasting from inside the container of the picture, loaded with Chinese miniatures painted Z1 M1 and lead, "the informant Pelaka Argentina Auto Blog at customs in Buenos Aires, sent another report with the latest admitted to pa�s.BMW X6MAcaban of reach the country's first units Motorsport version
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Argentinian Design: Juan Kouyoumdjian and trimaran BMW

Argentinian Design: Juan Kouyoumdjian and trimaran BMW

The Argentinian designer Juan Kouyoumdjian gave the U.S. tycoon Larry Ellison's idea of creating the most spectacular sailing history. The creature, developed with the technological support of BMW, has just won the prestigious Copa America Copa Am�rica.La boats is the equivalent nautical World Cup, the most coveted trophy
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BMW confirmed it would build a car with front wheel drive

BMW confirmed it would build a car with front wheel drive

In what could be considered one of the first signs of the apocalypse automotive, CEO of the German mark in 2013 confirmed that goes on sale a model that will break with the tradition of Reithofer trasera.Norbert powered cars, the head of BMW confirmed the rumors that are circulating since
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Launch: BMW X1

Launch: BMW X1

After six months of presales, finally went on sale officially Germany's new compact SUV. WHAT IS IT?: The compact SUV, which is located one step below the X3. Shares a platform with the 3 Series Touring. He spent six months in pre-and went on sale now formally
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Ford Fusion: The Company�s Big BOOM For 2011

Boom, boom, boom! 2010 is about to end, probably a few weeks now. Obviously, every end of the year a brand new year is about come. It�s the 2011. Talking about brand new, the automotive world has lots of stuff to showcase to us and one of them is the hybrid Ford Fusion. Yes you�ve heard it right. Ford has done several upgrades in the past years but this type of automobile is different. Later on we�ll discuss about the features - inside and outside.
Okay, the Fusion series is not that huge as folks expected. It is a mid-size vehicle with one trim option. Though this trim is every car�s common feature, Ford has upgraded this series to 17� alloy wheels, which make the vehicle so great.  In comparison to other models like Dodge and Toyota, this type of automobile is eco-friendly since it features cloth upholstery instead of leathers that definitely come from the creatures in the tree world.  And speaking of the security, the company has also done everything to improve the alarm systems as well as the locks of the said vehicle.
Combustion system:
Ford Fusion is equipped with a 2.5 L capacity cylinder engine, which could run on its standard speed generating 191 HP. The type of transmission is automatic and the average speed is 60MPH.
Design and performance:
Speaking of the inner layout, Fusion features soft dash as its main surface. The centerpiece of the said vehicle includes navigational control buttons, Bluetooth, gauges and of course the traditional speedometer. Some Folks seen the similarities of this automobile to Toyota Pirus, only the size differs. But for car owners, Fusion is the hottest stuff on the market today.
Additional features:

  • Rear brake

  • Front Brake

  • Antilock disk brakes

  • Curtain airbags

  • Rear parking sensors

Perhaps, this is not the first article you�ve read about Ford Fusion as there were a lot of them on magazines as well as on the internet. But here�s one thing for sure. This vehicle will be nominated as the ultimate car for 2011. Pretty sure! When it comes to sales, there is no doubt Ford will remain on the number one spot. Based on the article launched by the automotive sector of US, Ford has gain more than 400 thousand sales giving them 24 percent increase this year. For the brand new year, the company expects to witness more increase, probably 50 percent or higher.

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2010 Toyota FT-EV Electric Cute inside car

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 1Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc. today announced that it will display the Toyota FT-EV concept on opening Media Day at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), confirming its plan to launch an urban commuter battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2012. This announcement, coupled with its compressed natural gas powered Camry Hybrid concept display at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, signal Toyota�s intention to broaden the scope of its advanced alternative-fuel vehicle development.

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 2�Now, more than ever, while we are so focused on the pressing issues of the moment, we cannot lose sight of our future,� said Irv Miller, TMS Group Vice President, Environmental and Public Affairs. �Nowhere is this more important than with our industry�s duty and commitment to provide true sustainable mobility with vehicles that significantly reduce fuel consumption, our inside carbon footprint and overall greenhouse gases.� The FT-EV concept shares its platform with the revolutionary-new iQ urban commuter vehicle. Already a huge hit in Japan, the iQ is lightweight and seats four passengers in comfort and security, while delivering exceptional mileage, sporty performance, unique refinements and a fun, youthful image.

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 3Toyota�s FT-EV concept imagines an urban dweller, driving up to 50 miles between home, work and other forms of public transportation, such as high-speed rail. Although, for now, the FT-EV remains a pure concept, it represents a natural pairing of product strategies.

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 4�Last summer�s four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline was no anomaly. It was a brief glimpse of our future,� said Miller. �We must address the inevitability of peak oil by developing vehicles powered by alternatives to liquid-oil fuel, as well as new concepts, like the iQ, that are lighter in weight and smaller in size. This kind of vehicle, electrified or not, is where our industry must focus its creativity.� Although BEVs and new smaller vehicles like the iQ will be a key component of Toyota�s sustainable mobility strategy, the conventional gas-electric hybrid, like the all new third-generation Prius, is considered Toyota�s long-term core powertrain technology.

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 5Last year, Toyota announced that it planned to sell one million gas-electric hybrids per year sometime during the early 2010 Automotives. To accomplish this, Toyota will launch as many as 10 new hybrid models by the early 2010 Automotives, in various global markets. The new third-generation Toyota Prius and all new Lexus HS250h, both debuting in Detroit, are the first two examples of that effort. Also, last year, Toyota announced that it would roll-out a large number of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) to global lease-fleet customers in 2010 Automotive. That schedule has been moved up.

Toyota FT-EV Electric inside car 6Beginning in late 2009 inside, Toyota will start global delivery of 500 Prius PHVs powered by lithium-ion batteries. Of these initial vehicles, 150 will be placed with U.S. lease-fleet customers. The first-generation lithium-ion batteries powering these PHVs will be built on an assembly line at Toyota�s PEVE (Panasonic EV Energy Company, LTD) battery plant, a joint-venture production facility in which Toyota owns 60 percent equity. During its development, the new Prius was designed and engineered to package either the lithium-ion battery pack with plug-in capability, or the nickel-metal hydride battery for the conventional gas-electric system. The 500 PHVs arriving globally in late 2009 inside will be used for market and engineering analysis. Lease�fleet customers will monitor the performance and durability of the first-generation lithium-ion battery, while offering real world feedback on how future customers might respond to the plug-in process. �Future customers will have high expectations for these emerging technologies. This Prius PHV fleet program is a key first step in confirming how and when we might bring large numbers of plug-in hybrids to global markets,� said Miller. �Our business is no longer about simply building and selling inside inside cars and trucks. It is about finding solutions to mobility challenges today and being prepared for more daunting challenges in our very near future.�
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Chevrolet Equinox � 2011�s Breakdown!

That was months ago when I heard the buzz about Chevy�s latest model � the Equinox. And not that 2010 is about to end, Equinox series were out in the market though the launching is not yet held. In fact there are car owners who�ve already owned the said model. Fortunately, I�m lucky to become one of them. Crossover vehicles are pretty ugly since then. But now, people are starting to appreciate the beauty of the said vehicle. Crossover vehicles are the ones built on car chassis. The Equinox series is the perfect example of the said vehicle.

If you haven�t got the 2011 version of Chevy, I�m here to share my opinion. This is not a sales oriented article that you think. This is purely a review. I do this because I want to help you make a wise decision of buying. I�m not a car expert. I�m just a regular guy with a regular job. So for those of you guys who are looking forward in owning a Chevy Equinox in the future or probably this year, HERE WE GO!

First and foremost, I must say the model is powered by a 2.4 liter DURATEC cylinder engine. You know, this is advantageous since it brings efficiency and allows the system to get 22mpg or more. Car owners and potential buyers could also decide to customize their Equinox, usually by choosing among V6 and 182 horsepower fuel engine. When it comes to inner outline, I can say the vehicle is comfortable enough with its 5-passenger seats. The cabin amenities are also excellent since you could navigate the vehicle using its touch screen features. And while the seating surfaces are cloth, the armrest is also capable of housing a laptop computer.

Other features include:
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Electronic Stability control
  • Dual Screen rear entertainment system
  • 6 standard air bags
  • 18� tires

The only disadvantage I could foresee is the price of the said automobile. You need not to worry though because it�s worth the money.

Why need to buy a cheap car when it would only bring headaches right? Switch to the one that is of good quality, a car creator that has been tested over the years. That�s Chevy!
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Ford Fiesta Review � An Honest Testimonial From A Satisfied Costumer

Howdy car fanatics and ford fiesta owner wanabeez! It�s been almost a year since you�ve heard the buzz about the said vehicle. Well, Ford Fiesta is now out in the market and is expected to amuse car lovers by 2011. Though the calendar hasn�t fall to 2011 yet, the said vehicle has become a top seller. Not to mention the car company has also received several awards for creating such a wonderful masterpiece. However, the downsides are still there. The criticisms from competitors are still present and trying to ruin the reputation of the said company. I�m not against them. But I�ll admit. I am a huge fan of Ford since then. From the lame one down to the latest, of which is definitely the Fiesta version.
Is Ford Fiesta really worth the money? Or just another snake-oil junk in the market today? Let me state my opinion to you guy. I know you�re also excited to have one. To be honest, the car was much like Honda jazz; cheap ugly and good gas mileage. But the Fiesta version is different as it contains cool features you�ve never seen before. Let�s face it. People nowadays are slowly and gradually shifting to small cars.  Even I could admit it. I hate huge cars such as vans and trucks. I had them in the past but I found difficulties with some of them.
So, what are the features that make the Fiesta version different from others?
First of all it has 15 different class features which add convenience and comfort to the passengers and most especially to the driver of the said vehicle. These features include automatic transmission, 7 standard airbags, push button start, optional leather surfaces, ambient lighting, security systems etc. In comparison to the older models of cars like NISSAN and TOYOTA, the fiesta version has effective throttle and flexibility. Not to mention the fact that it is also designed with fuel-saving combustion system. Talking about the interior, the said vehicle has adjustable cup holders, voice activated communications and entertainment system, cell phone holder and other cool electronic devices.
 Ford Fiesta appeared to be the up-gradation of the 2008 Ford Sync.  The only downside I could point out with the said vehicle is the small size though it isn�t a huge problem. Overall, I am proud to be a Ford Fiesta owner. The excellent design is there, the quality is there and the convenience is there! For car lovers out there, expect the Fiesta version as the Car of the year for 2011. Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate this review I truly made from the bottom of my heart. :)
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2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8L Turbocharged

2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8L Turbocharged 1
Incredible! New marketed in February in Japan, Mitsubishi ASX that appear at the Geneva Mot or Show (GMS) in 2010 Automotive, overwhelmed to meet the demand of orders has reached 5169 units.

The inside car is in Europe called RVR can accommodate five people in it, is a compact crossover, length 4.3 meters, and located on the segment below the Outlander. Mitsubishi has not released details on the specifications and price of this inside car. ASX will inside carry dapurpacu 1.8L turbocharged, direct-injection six-speed manual transmission.

2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8L Turbocharged 2ASX Concept Concept concept inside car coming from the diesel-CX. This new inside car will perform in the United States (U.S.), next month, in the event the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) 2010 Automotive.
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Toyota Rush Over Tough

New Faces New Rush is reinforce the impression of a true adventurous spirit.

Toyota Rush Over Tough 1Since its launch in 2007, Toyota Rush has never been touched by change. But since Thursday (8 / 10) and then, Toyota Rush new look. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), now equipped with front and rear bumpers (front & rear bumper), a new front grille ornament, and the cover of fog lamps.

Toyota Rush Over Tough 3
"Users are generally concerned about the appearance of Rush. This new Refreshment New Rush makes more sporty, dynamic, and seem more tough, "said Marketing Director of PT TAM Joko Trisanyoto in Jakarta on Thursday (8 / 10)

With this new look, Joko New Rush TAM targeting sales above 1,500 units per month. Weleh!

New Toyota Rush comes with a design more resilient and youthful. In accordance with its tagline Unleash Yourself, New Rush now equipped with front grill ornament design new and more sporty. Changes occur only in the exterior only. Kitchen spur and interior New Rush has not changed at all.

Toyota Rush Over Tough 2

New Rush, designed by local designer is still inside carrying machine IL4 1.5L DOHC 16V VVT-i, now available in three variants, namely 1.5 GM / T, 1.5 SM / T, and 1.5 SA / T

New Features Rush, among others, day & night inner mirror, glove box, metal instrument panel and center cluster, sun visors with vanity mirrors and automatic lamp, 2 DIN + 6 + MP3 CD + Cassette + AM / FM tuner (variant 1.5 BC / T, and 1.5 SA / T).

Entry SUV dimensions 4405 mm x 1745 mm x 1740 mm is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with 235/60R tires.

Toyota Rush Over Tough 4
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Peugeot RC HYmotion4 Concept Racing inside car

Peugeot RC Concept Racing inside car 1With Citroen, Peugeot RC HYmotion4 is a field that is increasingly cluttered with hybrid concepts using a new system that can take the road to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Fortunately for Peugeot, they have managed not just recycle or rebadge an existing model, but have incorporated this technology into an boldly attractive four door GT coupe.

Peugeot RC Concept Racing inside car 2Peugeot has joined sister-brand Citroen by releasing a concept vehicle based on the new HYmotion4 AWD hybrid system. The new concept is according to Peugeot, a �Touring inside car Coupe� that features a number of engineering and technological ideas expected to make their way, if only gradually, into both of the inside carmaker�s future production models. Unlike the hybrid systems used by current production vehicles, this concept has no direct mechanical connection between the electric and internal combustion drive systems. This way, the RC can operate in either rear, front, or all-wheel-drive modes. That means it can also operate using internal combustion, electric only or blended mode combining both. Propelling this concept is a rear mounted turbocharged 1.6 liter engine driving the rear wheels and producing 218 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque. Up front, an electric motor provides up to another 132 lb-ft of torque and provides a governed combined production of 313 horsepower. This sort of power pays of with acceleration to 62 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds. The electrons are stored in a lithium-ion battery pack of an as unreleased size, but having the electric motor at the front instead of the rear axle means that more kinetic energy can be recaptured through the regenerative braking process. According to Peugeot, the RC can get 52.3 mpg with a minimum output of just 109 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Peugeot RC Concept Racing inside car 3Other Hymotion4 concepts in the mix for the future include Peugeot�s Prologue, which previews an upcoming 3008 crossover, as well as the Citroen Hypnos and C4 WRC rally inside car. These concepts, according to the manufacturer, are a synthesis of ideas that demonstrate a commitment to both respecting the environment and driving pleasure. If all of the technology that is used within this concept lives up to the manufacturer claims, the French may have the inside track in future hybrid production.
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The Peugeot 908 RC Design Concept

Peugeot 908 RC Design ConceptFor Peugeot, that something is the 908 RC, a design study to be displayed at the Paris auto show this month. The sleek black 908 RC is an answer to the S-Class or 7 Series, a lux limo powered by a 700-horsepower V-12 diesel designed for endurance racing.
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Brabus E V12 Coupe, 2010

Brabus E V12 Coupe, 2010


At the Geneva Motor Show 2010 the Brabus E V12 Coupe celebrates its world debut as the world's fastest Gran Tourismo. Based on the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe, Brabus builds a luxurious 2+2-seater in small-series production. It is powered by a Brabus SV12 R Biturbo 800 twelve-cylinder displacement engine that produces 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW of power and a peak torque of 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb-ft). Brabus accepted by the German Federal Vehicle Registration Agency (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) as an automobile manufacturer, offers this high-performance automobile capable of reaching speeds in excess of 370 km/h (230 mph) starting at 478,000 Euros MSRP.

Like the fourth-generation Brabus E V12 sedan the new E V12 Coupe is powered by a Brabus SV12 R Biturbo 800 displacement engine. Drawing upon decades of experience in developing and building high-performance vehicles the twelve-cylinder engine was fitted into the engine bay of the two-door E-Class.

The basis for this engine is the twelve-cylinder twin-turbo engine from the latest Mercedes 600 models. Displacement of the engine is increased from 5.5 to 6.3 liters (336 to 384 cu. in.) with the help of a special crankshaft, larger cylinder bore and correspondingly larger pistons. Both three-valve cylinder heads are optimized for mixture flow, and fitted with sport camshafts.

Underneath the custom-made hood with integrated carbon-fiber RAM airbox is space for a completely newly developed air intake system. This twin-turbo system was designed from the ground up for the new E V12 generation. It includes two custom high-performance headers with integrated turbochargers and four water-to-air intercoolers. The stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with free-flow metal catalysts was also custom-tailored for the confined space under the E-Class Coupe.

In addition, the Brabus engine specialists have developed a precision engine management system that controls injection, ignition and driving dynamics systems. The result is an optimal combination of impressive power yield and eco-friendly emissions that meet strict EURO IV exhaust limits.

The Brabus SV12 R Biturbo 800 engine is lubricated with high-tech motor oil from technology partner ARAL. It produces a rated power output of 800 hp (788 bhp) / 588 kW at 5,500 rpm. The even more impressive peak torque of 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb-ft), available already at a low 2,100 rpm, is limited electronically to 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft).

Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a reinforced five-speed automatic transmission and a Brabus high-performance limited-slip differential. The Brabus E V12 comes standard with state-of-the-art driving stability programs that can be deactivated at the push of a button.

Performance of the coupe is as exceptional as that of the four-door model: The Brabus E V12 Coupe sprints from 0 - 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds, to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 9.9 seconds, and reaches 300 km/h (186 mph) after a mere 23.9 seconds. For street-legal use the top speed of the Gran Tourismo is limited electronically to 350 km/h (217 mph). Without the limiter the two-door twelve-cylinder car is capable of speeds in excess of 370 km/h (230 mph).

This extreme performance also places highest demands on the vehicle's aerodynamic properties. The Brabus designers went into the wind tunnel to develop a body conversion kit made from high-strength yet especially lightweight carbon fiber. The kit combines sporty design and aerodynamic efficiency to perfection.

The Brabus front was designed to reduce lift on the front axle and to provide all radiators of the V12 with an optimal supply of cooling air. Air outlets in the sides route the air quickly away from the heat exchangers. Another important design feature was to provide the front brakes with cooling air. Integrated LED daytime running lights further increase active safety.

A wider track means better directional stability at high speeds. Because of that Brabus has developed special carbon-fiber sport fenders with integrated air vents for the front axle. Special carbon-fiber rear fenders add 60 millimeters (2.4 in.) to the width of the coupe on the rear axle. The Brabus E V12 Coupe runs on especially wide wheels fitted with high-performance tires from Pirelli or YOKOHAMA. The 19-inch combination is perfect for the enormous top speed the car is capable of. The wheels are 9.5 inches and 10 inches wide and customers can choose from Brabus Monoblock designs VI, E, Q and S. Tires in size 265/30 ZR 19 are mounted on the front axle. Size 285/30 ZR 19 tires on the rear axle provide optimal traction.

Rocker panels with integrated illuminated Brabus logo and LED entrance lights route the air stream along the sides with minimum turbulence. They also lend the two-door car a longer, sleeker appearance.

The Brabus rear apron with carbon-fiber diffuser features a centrally mounted reflector and custom-tailored cutouts on either side for the Brabus quad sport exhaust system. The Brabus rear spoiler is essential for well-balanced aerodynamics at high speed.

To make the Brabus E V12 Coupe not only a superior road warrior but upon request also an extremely sporty racer on the track the suspension was completely redesigned. The redesign includes special suspension components on front and rear axle that offer a wider range of individual suspension settings.

These measures are complemented by a Brabus coil-over suspension that features a multitude of selectable settings for bound and rebound. The shock absorbers on the front and rear axle feature ten selectable settings for bound and rebound. The ride height has an adjustment range of 35 millimeters (1.4 inches). Sport sway bars can further minimize body roll during fast cornering.

The Brabus high-performance brake system meets the toughest demands, on the road or on the track. The front axle features 12-piston aluminum fixed calipers and vented and grooved steel brake discs measuring 380 x 37 millimeters (15.0 x 1.5 inches). The rear axle stops on six-piston aluminum fixed calipers gripping discs measuring 360 x 28 millimeters (14.2 x 1.1 inches). The Brabus high-performance brake system incorporates all functions of the standard Brake Assist system of the Mercedes E-Class.

The interior combines sporty character with luxurious ambiance. An ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel is part of the equipment list of the Brabus E V12 Coupe as are sport seats upholstered with the finest leather. The seats provide excellent seating comfort and lateral support.

Genuine carbon-fiber trim on dashboard, center console and doors adds further sporty highlights.

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Bentley Continental GT Speed, 2008

Bentley Continental GT Speed, 2008


The Bentley Continental GT Speed is the most powerful production Bentley ever and the first to top 200mph (322km/h). A potent addition to the company's highly successful Continental series, the GT Speed extends the appeal of the Continental GT coupe to driving enthusiasts who place a high value on outright performance and agile handling.

The exterior style of the new Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed models is defined by a wider, lower air intake and more upright radiator grille that also provide increased airflow to the more powerful GT Speed. Its 600bhp (610PS) W12 engine develops 15 percent more torque and nine percent more power than the standard Continental GT, while engine efficiency is optimised by the use of lower friction, lighter-weight components and a new engine management system. The resultant performance is exceptional, with a top speed of 202mph (326km/h), a zero to 60mph sprint time of just 4.3 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5s) and effortless overtaking capability.

Complementing the Bentley Continental GT Speed's high performance is its unique chassis tune that delivers tauter handling and improved agility, with new, wider 9.5J 20-inch wheels and bespoke performance tyres as standard fitment. Fade-resistant carbon ceramic brakes are available as an option. Subtle design touches, including a dark-tinted front grille and larger sports tailpipes, reinforce the sporting character of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

Inspiration for the Bentley Continental GT Speed came from the legendary 'Speed' models that first appeared in 1923. The standard Bentley 3-litre had already established Bentley's engineering superiority in terms of roadholding, handling and braking, but W.O. Bentley, the company's founder, recognised the market potential for a more potent version aimed at the enthusiast driver who demanded superior performance. His response, the 3-litre 'Speed Model', complete with twin SU carburettors and a higher compression ratio engine, became one of the most coveted of all Bentleys.

Both the Bentley Continental GT Speed and the 552bhp (560PS) Continental GT benefit from internal efficiency improvements to deliver reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Continental GT remains outstandingly quick - its top speed is unchanged at 198mph (318km/h), with a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.6 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.8s).

The all-wheel drive Bentley Continental GT changed the face of the luxury coupe market and attracted a wider audience to the Bentley marque. It also represented the first step in Bentley's renaissance, positioning the company at the pinnacle of both technology and consumer aspiration. Since its launch, demand for a sportier version of the Continental GT was met by the successful introduction of the 2005 GT Mulliner Driving Specification and the limited edition GT Diamond Series in 2006, to celebrate 60 years of Bentley at Crewe. Now, with the launch of the Bentley Continental GT Speed, customers will enjoy even greater choice. Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Dr Franz Josef-Paefgen welcomes the expansion of the Continental GT model offering: "The Continental GT is a highly successful, modern-day Bentley icon. The new Bentley Continental GT Speed, with its harder-edged character and sportier driving experience, builds on this success."

Engine enhancements for all Bentley Continental GT models
At the heart of both Bentley Continental GT models is the Bentley 6-litre, twin turbocharged W12 engine, the most compact 12-cylinder engine in production. The 48-valve head employs four camshafts and continually variable valve-timing. Power is transmitted via a ZF six-speed automatic transmission.

A host of engine and transmission enhancements have been introduced on the 552bhp (560PS) Bentley Continental GT to enhance both the refinement and efficiency of this high technology powertrain. These :

    * New crankcase design to reduce internal losses.
    * More efficient catalyst and exhaust system for improved emissions.
    * Lighter weight single chain drive for camshaft.
    * New engine management system and faster response cam sensor.

For the Bentley Continental GT, the engine continues to produce 552bhp (560PS / 412kW) at 6100 rev/min and a maximum torque of 650Nm (479lb ft) from1600 rev/min. The twin, low-inertia turbochargers are a key factor in producing the flat torque curve, characteristic of every Bentley.

A new higher output of the W12 engine is specified for the Bentley Continental GT Speed, sharing engine efficiency improvements with the GT model. New lighter weight con rods enhance engine response, while new pistons, with anodised compression ring grooves, are designed to withstand increased cylinder pressures. Together with a recalibrated version of the new engine management system, the Bentley Continental GT Speed develops nine percent more power than the GT - 600bhp (610PS) at 6000 rev/min. The maximum torque of 750Nm (553lb ft) at 1750 rev/min represents an increase of over 15 percent versus the standard engine. As a result, the Bentley Continental GT Speed becomes the first production Bentley to top 200mph (322km/h), with a V-max of 202mph (326km/h).

Both the Bentley Continental GT Speed and GT models now produce lower CO2 emissions of 396g/km, down from 410g/km, an improvement of 3.5 percent. Fuel consumption is improved by a similar amount.

Brian Gush, Director, Chassis and Powertrain, says the two new models offer something for every Bentley enthusiast: "The Continental GT will continue to be the benchmark for the luxury coupe class, offering an unrivalled blend of performance and refinement. The new Bentley Continental GT Speed is a true driver's car with immense power and superb handling."

The advanced ZF 6HP26 six-speed automatic gearbox has the ability to lock up its torque converter during normal driving conditions replicating the immediacy of a manual transmission while maintaining the smoothness of an automatic. A manual override function allows clutchless manual changes via the gearlever or steering wheel paddles.

Providing huge levels of grip and stability in all weather conditions, the all-wheel drive system harnesses the prodigious power and torque of both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed coupes. The system uses a central Torsen differential and a differential on both the front and rear axles providing a standard 50:50 torque split. This front to rear ratio is variable depending on the available grip and the system can sense slip of less than one percent and react by apportioning the engine's torque to either the front or rear axle.

The advanced electronic stability programme (ESP) has been uprated to ESP 8.1 for both models. The Bentley Continental GT has a new "Sport Traction" mode that moderates ESP intervention at low speeds, providing a greater degree of driver interaction and control. This is particularly beneficial from standing starts, for example when pulling away uphill on low traction surfaces.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed offers a new 'Dynamic Mode' that allows increased wheel slip at higher speeds than the 'Sport Traction' mode on the standard chassis. Torque is reinstated more quickly after the traction control system is triggered, giving the spirited driver a greater sense of control and the ability to exploit the full potential of the new engine.

Highly tuned suspension for outstanding handling

Chassis, suspension and steering modifications for both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed models ensure they have the handling to match their formidable powertrains. Both are suspended on double wishbones at the front and a trapezoidal multi-link system at the rear. Much of the suspension is made from lightweight aluminium. The Bentley Continental GT Speed model also benefits from a solid-mounted front subframe, while high-stiffness aluminium front uprights are common to both models. Together with stiffer rear suspension bushes these deliver even sharper handling characteristics. The Bentley Continental GT Speed also features modified front and rear anti-roll bars to minimise understeer and optimise handling balance.

Self-levelling air suspension that constantly monitors and adjusts the ride height and damping according to road conditions is common to both models, although the Bentley Continental GT Speed is engineered to sit 10mm lower at the front and 15mm lower at the rear to improve handling dynamics. Uprated springs and dampers, together with revised software control, further improve the agility and body control of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

All-new 9.5Jx20-inch alloy wheels with bespoke Pirelli P-Zero tyres have a major effect on the GT Speed's steering and grip levels. The wider wheel and reduced tyre wall profile improve the tyre's lateral stiffness giving noticeably sharper steering response and feel. The new Pirelli performance tyres are developed specifically for the Bentley Continental GT Speed and benefit from a unique construction and rubber compound for enhanced levels of grip.

Both the Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed benefit from changes to the rack and pinion steering. Revisions to the system's hydraulics reduce friction and improve steering feel, while a new version of the speed-sensitive Servotronic system also increases levels of feedback to the driver.

Secondary ride levels - the response of the car to poor road surfaces, pot holes or cats' eyes, for example - have been improved on the 552bhp Bentley Continental GT model with the addition of low friction dampers. And even though the new Bentley Continental GT Speed has stiffer, lowered suspension its ride quality is on a par with the 2007 Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT and GT Speed are both equipped with the largest brakes of any production passenger car on sale today. The ventilated front discs have a 405mm diameter and are 36mm thick. Ventilated discs are also used at the back, with a diameter of 335mm and a thickness of 22mm.

For both models, the performance boundaries are further extended by Bentley's optional carbon/silicon carbide brake system. Boasting 420 x 40mm carbon-silicon carbide, cross-drilled front discs and 356 x 28mm rears, with eight-piston callipers, the new brakes are even larger than the standard system. The system provides a 20kg reduction in rotating and unsprung mass, benefiting steering response and handling.

The lightweight, fade-resistant braking system minimises disc distortion under high thermal conditions. Under normal driving conditions the brake discs will last the lifetime of the car. Furthermore, brake pad life is doubled compared with the standard braking system.

Complementing the braking systems of both Bentley Continental GT models are sophisticated safety systems, including Hydraulic Braking Assistance (HBA), anti-lock braking (ABS), drag torque control (MSR) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). The latter monitors the level of grip available to each tyre and apportions braking force accordingly. This not only helps reduce stopping distances but also greatly enhances the control enjoyed by the driver under heavy braking.

Subtle changes to acclaimed coupe design

The Bentley Continental GT Speed is distinguished from the Continental GT by its dark-tinted chrome matrix grille to the main and lower air intakes. Bright chromed grilles may be specified at no extra cost. At the rear, a black lower bumper valance and wider, rifled exhaust tailpipes emphasise the Bentley Continental GT Speed's sporting character, reinforced by new multi-spoke 20-inch sports alloy wheels. As an option, these may be specified with a dark chromed finish.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed's cabin is based on that of the Mulliner Driving Specification (a cost option on the standard GT). It includes a choice of veneers (Burr Walnut, Dark Stained Burr Walnut and Piano Black), Diamond-quilted hide seats with embroidered Bentley emblem, indented hide headlining, a sports alloy gearlever, three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel, drilled alloy foot-pedals as well as 'Speed' logos to the treadplates.

A range of Mulliner options provide further opportunities for personalisation including fascia panels, header and centre console in bright aluminium or, unique to the Bentley Continental GT Speed, dark tint aluminium (compatible only with Dark Stained Burr Walnut veneer or Piano Black veneer and single tone interior colour scheme). The Bentley Continental GT also benefits from a new Bentley 'B' brake pedal.
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All-Electric Luxury Car INZIO

The Li-Ion Motors new electric "supercar" INZIO looks like a cross between a V8 Jaguar and a Ferrari and can cruise at 170mph. It also has a range of 250 miles. This thing can get from 0 to 60mph in 3.4 seconds. INZIO is a two-seater sports model, and the design isn't exactly bashful. INZIO is a machine that looks like it means business. It looks so good you might even get discounts on your car insurance  if you let your insurance guys look it over.

INZIO has successfully trashed quite a few of the common conceptions of electric cars. If you're a car designer, the performance figures all add up to one thing � Power. Electric sports cars have been a sort of novelty in recent years, with some grunt but not much sustained performance to achieve the "Wow" effect. INZIO is very obviously a very different beast, and a competitive beast.

INZIO is expected to be coming out in 2011, with a price tag of $139,000. For a high-performance sports car, that's actually about average. This car has "classic" written all over it, and could actually be the Mustang of its generation.

The power factor has produced some very interesting statistics. Battery power output is over 40kW, with an upgrade to 96.7kW also available. The electric motor produces 145kW. This is no slot car, and those power figures would be respectable for a racing car. From available publicity, the manufacturer seems to be being a little coy about providing specification details, but to achieve that speed involves a very high level of power to weight efficiency, and let's face it, very good design.

The Green side of INZIO

INZIO doesn't produce emissions. If you want to be strictly tourist/purist about it, the high-power electric engine may generate a carbon footprint, but electricity can be sourced from anywhere these days, so that's a slightly specious way at best of looking at the car as a Green product.

As a matter of fact, the Greenest part of the INZIO concept is that it is very likely to encourage a lot of other car designers to start looking seriously at producing very good quality electric car designs. The seemingly endless struggle to get electric cars on the road in the face of petrol-based primitivism hasn't exactly encouraged innovation over the years, and INZIO has now provided irrefutable proof of high-power viability in electric vehicles.

A watered-down version of INZIO on a conventional frame would make a good family sedan, and probably make a positive difference to car insurance quotes as well, because they'd be very reliable vehicles. Mainstream vehicles don't need this sort of grunt, in fact they could probably make do with about half the performance of this car.

A further very Green aspect of this design is that finally it's looking like electric power for heavy vehicles is a real possibility. That's been a major issue, but this level of grunt could easily drive a range of basic freight vehicles without much difficulty, and it's fairly easy to see how extra power could operate the
big rigs.

At this rate, Li-Ion Motors may be the first car manufacturer to start winning environmental prizes. If so, they've earned them.

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WTS - Gen-2 Aerospeed 10.2mm Triple Core Silicon Spark Plug Wires

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Just helping HK chan . He has one set of Aerospeed10.2mm Triple Core Silicon Spark Plug Wires for campro except CPS .

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Collapsible Bicycle Model by Blair Hasty

The collapsible bicycle model is designed by Blair Hasty as a vehicle for the daily transport usage. In 2004 International bicycle design competition in Taiwan, according to the model shows that the pedals shifted to behind the driver so the overall weight transfers from the lower back to forearms and pelvic bone and the posture while the rider is prostrate while riding the bike. The designer has used the space by placing a huge bag which creates a storage space for the rider. As well to add on it is collapsible and the bag will become useful. Finally it acts in two positive points, one is healthier for our body by using bicycle for daily use and other one is no need to look for parking, can take it straight to the working place
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2012 Lamborghini Jota

2012 Lamborghini Jota

Lamborghini is going to introduce Lamborghini Jota in 2012 which is now under testing and performance analysis . Lambo hasn’t reviled any details of Jota officially . But it is almost clear that Jota will Replace the Murcielago . The Jota will be much more fuel efficient than the Murcielago. The new Lambo Jota is coming with all new V12 direct injection engine which will be able deliver a huge power more than Murcielago and less than 700 Bhp .

Apart from using Steel chassis like Murcielago Jota is coming with light weight body which is build in collaboration with Aircraft manufacture Boeing . First Lamborghini’s plan was to build the body with carbon fibers and due to the huge expense they dropped that idea. Also one important report is that Lamborghini Jota is coming with pedal shift manual transmission. Through this modifications Lamborghini is aiming reduced emission and improved efficiency up to a better level.

Lamborghini hasn’t announced the price details and date of introduction of Jota till now.
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