Ford Fusion: The Company�s Big BOOM For 2011

Boom, boom, boom! 2010 is about to end, probably a few weeks now. Obviously, every end of the year a brand new year is about come. It�s the 2011. Talking about brand new, the automotive world has lots of stuff to showcase to us and one of them is the hybrid Ford Fusion. Yes you�ve heard it right. Ford has done several upgrades in the past years but this type of automobile is different. Later on we�ll discuss about the features - inside and outside.
Okay, the Fusion series is not that huge as folks expected. It is a mid-size vehicle with one trim option. Though this trim is every car�s common feature, Ford has upgraded this series to 17� alloy wheels, which make the vehicle so great.  In comparison to other models like Dodge and Toyota, this type of automobile is eco-friendly since it features cloth upholstery instead of leathers that definitely come from the creatures in the tree world.  And speaking of the security, the company has also done everything to improve the alarm systems as well as the locks of the said vehicle.
Combustion system:
Ford Fusion is equipped with a 2.5 L capacity cylinder engine, which could run on its standard speed generating 191 HP. The type of transmission is automatic and the average speed is 60MPH.
Design and performance:
Speaking of the inner layout, Fusion features soft dash as its main surface. The centerpiece of the said vehicle includes navigational control buttons, Bluetooth, gauges and of course the traditional speedometer. Some Folks seen the similarities of this automobile to Toyota Pirus, only the size differs. But for car owners, Fusion is the hottest stuff on the market today.
Additional features:

  • Rear brake

  • Front Brake

  • Antilock disk brakes

  • Curtain airbags

  • Rear parking sensors

Perhaps, this is not the first article you�ve read about Ford Fusion as there were a lot of them on magazines as well as on the internet. But here�s one thing for sure. This vehicle will be nominated as the ultimate car for 2011. Pretty sure! When it comes to sales, there is no doubt Ford will remain on the number one spot. Based on the article launched by the automotive sector of US, Ford has gain more than 400 thousand sales giving them 24 percent increase this year. For the brand new year, the company expects to witness more increase, probably 50 percent or higher.


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