Audi can show in Frankfurt R8 with electric motor

Audi R8 ePerformance
Audi Company may submit to the Motor Show in Frankfurt this fall based on the electric sports Audi R8, writes French magazine Automobile Magazine, referring to an informed source. Presumably, the model would be called R8 ePerformance. The publication stresses that this is not a hybrid, and pure electric car with a battery pack and electric drive.
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Convertible Audi R8 to declassify shoot sequel to "Iron man"

Audi R8 V10 Spider
The desire of automotive manufacturers to advertise their new items in the movie sometimes plays into the hands of the car and the paparazzi, as a result, fans of the car.

"Spies" long, was unable to "catch" cabriolet Audi R8 without camouflage, but these days it managed to capture all the details at the time of the shooting scenes, one of the second part of the "iron man".

Recall convertible will receive only the most powerful engines fitted to the R8 - 5,2-liter V10 develop Lamborghini. It is on this 525-strong car and was Robert Downey Jr..

Audi R8 V10 Spider

The exact dynamic characteristics of a car is not yet known. It is obvious that because of the greater weight to strengthen the body convertible coupe will be a little slower to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds, top speed is 290 km / h.

Convertible received the same external changes as the coupe with an engine V10 - chrome-plated front, LED lamps and tubes impressive exhaust system.

Audi R8 V10 Spider

It differs from the coupe cabriolet lack a number of chrome-plated parts, with additional air intake for passenger safety and arcs.

Premiere convertible R8 V10 Spider is scheduled for the autumn. The cost new is about 120 000 euros and sales start to the end of next year.
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As reported on Audi S1

Audi S1

Became aware of the "charged" versions of the machine - S1, which will be released later.

Under the hood of the S1 will be the 1.4-liter engine with two turbines, as the VW Polo GTi Cup Edition. In Polo, this engine gives out 178 horsepower, but Audi plans to break it to 200 horsepower. The car will be equipped with a 7-speed S-Tronic. Acceleration up to hundreds of S1 takes only 6 sec. And the maximum speed will be 248 km / hr.

Version S1 from A1 distinguish enlarged arches, 19-inch wheels, izmennenny front bumper, roof spoiler and big air, writes TopSpeed
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Audi introduced a new photo A6

Audi A6
Apparently, the company will introduce a new generation of Audi A6 models in the next year.

But German journalists AutoBild say that they became aware that some of the new �six� now. Just need to reassure fans of design Audi - no drastic changes in the external appearance of the new A6 will not transmit By long tradition of Audi design only undergo evolutionary change, and then basically they affect only the front bumper and headlights.
Regarding the engine, it also will not be any revelations. It is clear only that the new A6 will receive several new engines with the turbo, which will spend a minimum of fuel on that will have decent power.
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Audi S4 from AVT Sportsline: powerful at 102 "horses"

Audi S4
Tuning-atelier AVT Sportsline has released a package of improvements for the Audi S4. Engineers able to disperse without toogo a powerful 333-strong engine to 435 "horses". Blgodarya by the modified S4 accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, which is 0.5 seconds faster than the original. A maximum speed of the car now makes 282 km / h. This increase in power was achieved through the program to reconfigure the engine management. In addition, a set of improvements includes a sports exhaust system and light alloy rims of the dimension of 18 to 20 inches.
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Audi A3, a new 1.6-liter diesel

Audi A3
Company Audi has incorporated in the line of motors model Audi A3 new 1.6-liter diesel engine TDI, equipped with the system supplying fuel Common Rail, instead of 1.9-liter TDIe, writes the British edition WhatCar. CO2 emissions from new diesel is 109 g / km, while the 1.9-liter engine emits 119 g / km. Fuel from A3 with 1.6-liter TDI and system �Start-Stop� is equal to 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers. In doing so, the new motor vehicle speed to 100 km / h for 11 seconds at a maximum speed of 190 km / h.
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Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera was introduced at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. With 144 volt lithium ion battery Lumeneo Smera can go from 0-60mph in eight seconds. The lithium ion battery is supplying the power to the dual rear wheel motors. This concept car is able to transport two passenger up to 93 miles and with 80 mph of top speed. In 2009 Lumeneo plan to produce 250 units of this cool car. The price range is starting at 24,500 euros ($33,000 US).

General Specifications :

First Introduced at : 2008 Geneva Motor Show

Country of origin : France

Dimensions :

Length / width / height : 2380 / 800 / 1450 mm

Doors / Seats : 2 / 1+1

Wheelbase : 1700 mm

Track : 655 mm

Steering diameter : 7 m

Maximum tilting angle : 25 �

Weight (with batteries) : 350kg / 770 lbs

Pneumatic dimensions : 145/70 R14

Engine :

Boot volume : 70 / 150 liters

Motorization Technology : Brushless electric motors with permanent magnets

Max Power : 30 / 40 kW / Hp

Max Torque on wheels : 1 000 Nm

Max Voltage : 144 V

Technology : Lithium

Capacity : 10 kWh

Battery weight : 80 kg / 180 lbs

Speed :

Performances Max speed : 130 kph / 80 mph

0-100 kph / 0 � 60 mph : 8.0 s

Range : 150 km / 90 miles

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Audi is preparing a new A6

audi a6 new

In 2010, should receive the new generation model of Audi A6. As you can see, the design concept Sportback, which was shown this year, had a strong influence on the "appearance of the new A6.

The new design shows forward Audi in this area, the main external difference from the next generation of this front - hex grille and headlights with LED marker lamps. Rear lights are such models as the A4 and Q5. In general, the new aggressive "appearance" is very different from the rounded form of the last generation, wrote 4WheelsNews.
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