Audi Nine awards in the contest �The Sportiest Cars 2009�

Audi Rs6 Avant blue
Audi RS6 has once again recognized as the best car in its class by a vote of readers of German car edition �The Sportiest Cars 2009�. This is the ninth victory of Audi brand vehicles in this competition. The model has become the undisputed leader in the category, with 23.1% of the votes of readers. Last year, the best in his nomination became Audi RS6 Avant.

�Silver� medal in their respective categories received such a model with four rings in the logo as the Audi S3, Audi A3 2.0 TDI, Audi TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI, Audi TT RS Roadster and Audi R8. Bronze prize become Audi A4 3.0 TDI quattro, Audi A4 3.2 FSI quattro and the Audi S4.

In the vote was attended by more than 10 000 fans of sports cars, which selects the best of the best in 16 categories identified for the production of cars, and 10 categories for the version produced by tuning studio.

Audi Rs6 Avant white

Audi rs6 sedan blue
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There were spy photos Audi A5 Sportback

audi a5 sportback metalic
Car spies photographed predseriynuyu Audi A5 Sportback model at the time of preparation for the official fotosescii writes WorldCarFans. As writes edition, Audi established a hatchback coupe with the properties: the volume of the luggage A5 Sportback is 480 liters, and with the folded rear seat altogether nearly cubic meter - 980 liters. it is assumed that under the hood the new Audi A5 Sportback buudet range of 2,0 -, 2,7 - and 3,0-liter TDI diesel engines with capacity of 170, 190 and 211 hp respectively.
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Premiere of the new Audi A8 is postponed

Audi A8

Audi postponed one of the most anticipated prime - a flagship model A8, whose debut was held at the Frankfurt Motor in September this year. The main reasons for this decision is a huge number of anticipated premiere at the exhibition and the presence of other new products in the company.

It is known that, along with the �four-compartment� A5 Sportback, Audi will present in Frankfurt open sports R8 Spyder, with a 5.2 liter engine V10, power of 525 hp It was expected that the new Audi A8 will be submitted to either the Motor Show in Los Angeles, or in early 2010 at the Motor Show in Detroit.
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Agency Venables, Bell + Partners has developed an advertising campaign for the new technology Audi Turbo Direct Injection.

The video demonstrates how to use new �clean� technology for diesel engines United States can regain energy independence and make the world cleaner.

U.S. daily imports 1.5 million barrels of fuel. But if one-third of cars will use the new technology, Audi TDI, then America will be able to abandon the purchase of foreign fuel, and send it back.

The plot is built on the spot, as thousands of containers with imported fuel rolling through the city, merging into a single stream in the direction of the port. There, under the sensitive control of the two white Audi, embodying the purity of the new technology TDI, cans are pushed to the tanker, which will return them back.

Production Company undertook Furlined Los Angeles, directed by Douglas Avery.
Slogan: It's no longer a dirty world / The world will not be dirty.

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Audi sixth year in a row, led a top ADAC


Audi sixth year in a row, ranked first in the ranking automotive brands, which is the German car club (ADAC), says Deutsche Welle. The second place ranking is BMW, but on the last ten - Mazda.
As writes edition, top AutoMarxX, which is the club ADAC, gives an idea of the popularity of automobile brands in Germany. Now it is eight years ago. During this time, are already 20 releases. 11 times leader Mercedes. Three times - BMW
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