Agency Venables, Bell + Partners has developed an advertising campaign for the new technology Audi Turbo Direct Injection.

The video demonstrates how to use new �clean� technology for diesel engines United States can regain energy independence and make the world cleaner.

U.S. daily imports 1.5 million barrels of fuel. But if one-third of cars will use the new technology, Audi TDI, then America will be able to abandon the purchase of foreign fuel, and send it back.

The plot is built on the spot, as thousands of containers with imported fuel rolling through the city, merging into a single stream in the direction of the port. There, under the sensitive control of the two white Audi, embodying the purity of the new technology TDI, cans are pushed to the tanker, which will return them back.

Production Company undertook Furlined Los Angeles, directed by Douglas Avery.
Slogan: It's no longer a dirty world / The world will not be dirty.

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