Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid

Consider one simple fact: The Ford Escape Hybrid is the most efficient hybrids SUV on the market. The front-drive Escape Hybrid has government fuel economy ratings of 34 city/30 highway, while the AWD version offers 29 city/27 highway. What else do you need to know, except that the Ford Escape Hybrid offers plenty of space, comfort, and versatility?

Though the Ford Escape Hybrid Car touts new looks and an updated cabin, it still offers the same mechanics and powertrain as the previous model. Ford did not tinker with a winning formula. Power comes from a 2.3-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a pair of electric motors, which together output a net 155 horses. Performance-wise, the Escape Hybrid splits the difference between the slower standard four-cylinder Escape, and the more powerful V6 model.

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Drivers may also be a little disappointed with handling. The Ford Escape Hybrid�s extra 300 pounds of weight as compared to the regular gas-powered Escape, gives it a noticeable feeling of heaviness. Surprisingly, stability control is not available on this SUV. In addition, the Ford Escape Hybrid may not be the ideal choice if battling harsh weather and road conditions are your top priority. The all-wheel drive of the Ford Escape Hybrid does not possess the sure-footedness found on fully gas-powered vehicles, although the ride quality is more than adequate for both commuting and carting the family.

These pet peeves aside, the Ford Escape Hybrid is a capable, versatile, and efficient vehicle�perhaps the most realized expression so far of the combined benefits and capabilities of an SUV, and the fuel parsimony of a hybrid cars.

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