New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport price specifications Test Drive and Review

new mitsubishi sport front view
�What, another Pajero? Why? Aren�t there already two different Pajeros on sale in India? & isn�t this Mitsubishi�s fourth SUV?� Questions from car enthusiasts we meet on Delhi�s streets come thick & fast. Sure there�s a lot of respect for the Japanese company & plenty of respect for the Pajero brand name as well, but yes � Pajero, Montero, Outlander & now a Pajero Sport � that�s a lot of SUVs, which is puzzling. Of course the real reason the Pajero Sport exists is to take on competition like the Fortuner & Endeavour. It�s all about delivering as much SUV as you can on a budget. All three are based on light pick up trucks sold en masse in Thailand, each is similarly specified and, all of them have attained their fair share of success in the region. The Pajero Sport, importantly, is also a thoroughly modern, up to the minute, common rail diesel equipped SUV; something HM Mitsubishi�s mountain goat, the Pajero, certainly isn�t. Put simply, what Mitsubishi is trying to do is deliver a Montero like package at a Pajero like price; that�s as close as you can get to a surefire recipe for success in India.

Under the microscope

new mitsubishi sport interior view
Mitsubishi hasn�t done as well as it could have in India & so it�s easy to forget how impressive the company is with SUVs. Sure, the Japanese company makes some very capable compacts, saloons, & sports cars, & some of them are exceptional too, but it�s the SUVs that get special attention at Mitsubishi. They are thoroughly engineered, the company�s knowledge base on off roaders is second to none & Mitsubishi is hungry for success.

So hungry, in fact, that its designers have lifted the nose section right off the Pajero Evo rally car & grafted it directly onto the new Pajero Sport. The grille & headlights are aligned in a single narrow band, the massive wheel arches on either side provide plenty of excitement & the gaping chasm below the bumper gives the SUV a tough, purposeful look. The cabin gets tighter & tapers towards the   rear, the taillights are attractive & the Sport sits so high on its springs, it looks like it�s been given an aftermarket suspension job. Overall proportions, however, aren�t great, as the stubby nose & large cabin don�t exactly gel.

Delve deeper & you come across the modified Triton truck chassis on which the engine, transmission, transfer cases & body are all bolted. Suspension at the front is handled by double wishbones, there are stout anti roll bars at both ends (important considering how high off the ground this car sits) & the non independent rear uses a three link setup. Mitsubishi�s �Super Select� transfer case allows you to shift from two wheel drive high to four wheel drive high on the move (upto speeds as high as 100kph), & you can uniquely lock the centre diff in both four wheel high & four wheel low.

new mitsubishi sport rear view
I step into the cabin & am pleasantly surprised. The dash is beautifully designed, good use has been made of the numerous textures & colours, & the quality of some of the bits is surprisingly good as well. The leather covered steering wheel, for example, is superbly crafted, the doorpads look like they are from a more expensive SUV, & the central console with its multi information display both looks good & has plenty of useful information on offer. Both the driver & passenger get powered seats, thigh & back support are good up front & there�s even plenty of legroom for tall passengers in the second row. Those sat in this row can also adjust the angle of the backrest, their thighs are well supported & visibility from the back is pretty good too. The Sport does feel a bit narrow though, & that means sitting three abreast is not as comfortable as it could have been. & while access to the third row is relatively easy & the middle row seats flip beautifully upon pulling a lever, the space in the rear is only really useable by children. The cabin has plenty of storage, especially, in & around the central console, & there�s even space for some luggage in the rear.

A question of Sport

The Pajero Sport�s 2.5 litre diesel may be smaller than its competitors, but what it loses in capacity it more than makes up for in specific output. Its 176bhp is very similar to the 168bhp put out by the Toyota Fortuner�s larger 3.0 litre engine & acceleration & performance are pretty similar as well. The Mitsubishi�s variable geometry turbo has been tuned with performance in mind & after a small amount of vibration & some initial lag, power is delivered in a strong & steady stream all the way from 1800 to 4500rpm. The engine feels very smooth in the mid range, there is considerable punch when you keep your foot pinned down, & after 100kph the Sport pulls away from its rivals with effortless ease. The engine is also particularly effective on the highway. As long as you are somewhere in the mid range, there�s always plenty of punch available for overtaking. & because the motor always seems to have more to give, performance really does feel quite effortless. This is clearly Mitsubishi�s best diesel engine yet. What�s also impressive is the integration of the gearbox, the short gearing masking a bit of the turbo lag. The gearbox does have a typically long throw, but it�s light to operate & gears slot in perfectly every time. This helps when you want to go a gear lower in traffic.

new mitsubishi sport side view
With so much daylight between the wheels & the wheel arches, the Pajero rides well on its tall springs as well. You can drive the Sport through some of the largest craters around & the suspension will take it in its stride. Come to think of it, this would be an ideal car in which to tackle long stretches of  broken tarmac, the rubber footed suspension just soaking everything up. Stability at speed is surprisingly good too. It feels perfectly calm & composed, even at triple digit speeds speeds, small directional changes are executed with little vagueness or lag, & the well weighted brakes allow you to bleed speed in a drama free manner too. Also impressive is the feelsome steering. It does feel a bit weighty at parking speeds, but as soon as you are up & running, the feel & feedback are exactly what you want. But while the Sport does have a reasonable amount of grip in corners & the feedback from the steering is good, it feels too top heavy to corner with confidence. It�s the tall, off road suspension setup that�s to blame. So the best way to tackle corners is to slow right down, gently tip the car in, & allow it to follow a smooth line out.

Executive Briefing

The Pajero Sport has a lot going for it. It has a strong diesel engine, a spacious & comfortable cabin, & impressive levels of fit & finish. It is well specified & comes from a long line of successful Mitsubishi SUVs. What might let it down though, is that at Rs 23.5 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi), it is approximately Rs 2.5 lakh more than the Toyota Fortuner, which means it is a contender, but a pricey one. Its handling may not be anywhere as sharp as we�d hoped & it can�t be bought with an automatic yet, but looked at as an overall package, it�s impressive enough to take on the best in its class. Mitsubishi & the once popular Pajero sure have come a long way.

Also watch: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VIDEO REVIEW

Fact File
Price Range (in lakhs)*
Ex showroom price Rs 23.53 lakh (ex Delhi)
Fuel Diesel
Installation Front, longitudinal, four wheel drive
Power 176bhp at 4000rpm
Torque 40.78kgm at 2000 2500rpm
Gearbox 5 speed manual
Length 4695mm
Width 1815mm
Height 1840mm
Chassis & Body
Tyres 265/65R17
Front Independent, double wishbone, coil springs, stabiliser bar
Rear non independent, 3 link, coil springs, stabiliser bar
Front Ventilated disc
Rear Solid discs
0 20 1.64
0 40 3.46
0 60 5.63
0 80 8.84
0 100 12.45
0 120 18.04
0 140 25.06
Acceleration in gear
20 80kph in 3rd gear 12.56sec
40 100kph in 4th gear 16.04sec
Tank size 70 litres
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Accura rdx 2012

acura rdx 2012

acura rdx 2012

acura rdx 2012

acura rdx 2012

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Yamaha FZ-S Price Specification

Yamaha FZ-S is one of the powerful and a stylish bike available in India. It powered by 153cc engine with a max power of 14bhp at 7500rpm and maximum torque of 13.6Nm at 6000rpm. New Yamaha FZ-S is available in 4 colors namely Golden Streak, Competition White, Black Cyber Green and Yellow Streak. This Yamaha 150cc bike provides a on road mileage of around 40-48kmpl.
Yamaha FZ-S 150cc bike

Features of Yamaha FZ-S 150cc:

  • Powered by 153cc, air cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC engine
  • Maximum power of 14 Bhp at 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 13.6 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • 5 manual gear transmission
  • Digital fuel gauge,Trip meter, Tacho meter and speedo meter
  • Self start and kick start option
  • Monocross Suspension for smooth riding
Advantages and Disadvantages of Yamaha FZ-S 150cc:
Advantages of Yamaha FZ-S:
  • Stylish and eye catching design
  •  Wide tyre for better road grip and smooth riding quality
  • Monocross Suspension
  • Wide handle bar and riding position
  • Super smooth engine
Disadvantages of Yamaha FZ-S:
  • No variant available with rear disc breaks
  • Pillion seat is uncomfortable to sit
Yamaha FZ-S 150cc Specification:
  • Fuel:Petrol
  • Installation:Single-cylinder, air-cooled
  • Type:153cc
  • Max Power:14bhp at 7500rpm
  • Max Torque:1.42kgm at 6000rpm
  • Transmission Type:5-speed
  • Gearbox:1-down, 4-up
  • Wheels:5-spoke alloy, 17 inches
  • Front Tyres:100/80 x 17'
  • Rear tyre: 140/60 x 17' 
  • Front suspension:Telescopic forks
  • Rear suspension:Single shock, rectangular swingarm
  • Front Breaks:267mm disc
  • Rear breaks:130mm drum

  • Weight: 126.00 kg
  • Ground Clearance:160.00 mm
  • Fuel Tank: 12.00 ltrs
  • Length:1975.00 mm
  • Width:770.00 mm
  • Height:1045.00 mm
Cost of Yamaha FZ-S 150cc: Yamaha FZ-S Price  is ?75,000( Ex showroom price).
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2009 Jaguar XKR-S

2009 Jaguar XKR-S
The Jaguar XKR-S coupe XK is the fastest production to date. Developed by the famous Jaguar 4.2litre V8 engine was designed for lovers of true Jaguar. It is faster and more agile than the XKR, while the Jaguar sports car experience to a new level, while maintaining excellence, refined, dynamic design and luxury that is unique to Jaguar. Sharing the XKR advanced lightweight aluminum body architecture is the high performance Jaguar XKR-S is fully accessible by the enormous reserves of 4.2-liter all-aluminum four-cam supercharged V8 420 hp (SAE) and 560 Nm of torque . With recalibrated engine management reached the XKR-S has a top speed electronically limited to 174 mph (280kph) - 19 mph (30 km) faster than the XKR. This additional performance is made accessible by improved aerodynamics (reduced drag and lift) and unique suspension tuning.
First class of shares of the XKR, the six-speed automatic transmission with sequential circuit, the Jaguar XKR-S exceptional refinement and the possibility of ultra-fast manual shift control paddles mounted behind the wheel - will be with the change in time measured in milliseconds, for this to be the most do so as quickly shifting transmissions in the world.
To meet the increased performance, the Jaguar XKR-S takes the most powerful brakes on any Jaguar production model, in addition to offering great changes in its suspension and steering in the conduct of various other improved handling without compromising comfort.
The high performance braking system for the Jaguar XKR-S was developed by the Working Group of Jaguar vehicles in collaboration with British competition brake specialist Alcon, the braking performance of some of the fastest cars in the world offers , both road and track. The brakes have been developed over thousands of miles of testing in some of the toughest roads in Europe, and Jaguar's engineering team at the Nurburgring in Germany. The XKR-S Alcon R brakes with a disk capacity of 400 mm diameter 350 mm front discs and rear. Each disc is radially ventilated for maximum cooling and to resist fade into use, and perfect for increasing the speed of the XKR-S. The friction surfaces of each disc carry a series of slots in a half moon, clear waters of the discs in wet weather and help ensure that the brake pads clean at all times. The package Alcon R performance brake uses lightweight monobloc six-piston front and four-piston calipers at the rear - each calliper finished in a bright red color and logo of R.
Jaguar XKR-S coupe Dynamic Balance is based on the achievement of an athlete, even without sacrificing ride comfort XKR soft focus. Its blend of control and refinement begins with the structure extremely rigid aluminum body and new suspension tuning while the XKR. The Jaguar XKR-S features new springs, dampers and stabilizers new unique. All important parameters of the suspension has been recalibrated, and the Jaguar XKR-S uses Jaguar Suspension Computer Active Technology proven (CATS) with unique atmosphere. Report also uses a rack and pinion steering faster, quicker reactions and optimum feel.
The limited edition coup� in Ultimate Black is identified by the unique XKR-S badge on the rear of the car. The exterior of the XKR-S has been subtly enhanced to recognize than others, without exaggeration. Another important element in the revised handling package is that the ground clearance of the Jaguar XKR-S 10 mm was compared with that of the XKR is reduced and the Jaguar XKR-S is on the alloy unique, lightweight 20-inch Vortex forged wheels that the tires. This naturally makes the XKR-S below, and even more sports, but has a number of other details distinguishing characteristics. It features a new front aerodynamic splitter, side extensions threshold, rear spoiler and rear diffuser panel review, finished with contrast details like mesh grille, air intakes, rear diffuser, frame and the panel.
The Jaguar XKR-S has an active exhaust system specifically designed to ensure quiet, refined high speed, producing a large number of hard-edged and sporting V8 at full acceleration - not more strongly, but full of character performance.
Although mechanical revisions and outside are heavily influenced by performance and dynamic enhancement, the interior changes reflect Jaguar's vision of the Jaguar XKR-S as a class of sports car without compromise.
All full soft leather is finished in Charcoal with Ivory contrast stitching double needle, wrap with leather seats, instrument panel top, center console, door panels and rear side panels. Calibrated to reflect the higher top speed - with XKR-S brand, this is complemented by Piano Black veneer, Charcoal Alston luxury headlining, and a revised dashboard. Executive stitched leather, as opposed to speed dial, alloy wheels and leather alloy surround, bright aluminum pedals, and XKR-S Headrests entire brand, door sills and floor mats, another tone for this very special interior.
In the system Jaguar premium sound with 525 watts of Pro Logic II as a starting point renowned premium British loudspeaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has a speaker system designed specifically for the signature of the passenger's XKR- S. High performance, low distortion Kevlar mid-range speakers and specially designed aluminum-dome tweeters deliver superb mid-range and extended high frequency response.On sale in summer 2008 and limited to only 200 cars in European markets only, the Jaguar XKR-S a more sporting driver adapted grand tourer than the XKR.

2009 Jaguar XKR-S

2009 Jaguar XKR-S

2009 Jaguar XKR-S

2009 Jaguar XKR-S

2009 Jaguar XKR-S

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Honda City AT VS Ford Fiesta AT camparison

Honda city AT and Ford Fiesta AT interior
Not too long ago, automatics were rather unpopular on any car this side of a Skoda Laura. The general perception of them being more expensive than their manual cousins & less fuel efficient didn�t sit too well with buyers in such a price sensitive segment. Old school autos also ate into big chunks of the engine�s power & were about as much fun to drive as a bar of soap.

Things have changed though � our increasingly crowded streets & gridlocks mean that we spend more time changing gears than actually driving.

Funky dashboard complements the sporty exteriors of the Fiesta. Plastic quality is inconsistent though
Also, the modern automatic gearbox has come a long way from the slushboxes of old. Take for example Ford�s new Fiesta � it�s being offered with a twin clutch automatic � a thoroughly up to date gearbox. Ford believes it is more fuel efficient, shifts gears more smoothly & gives you more driving pleasure.

But we simply can�t take Ford�s word, can we? That�s why you see the Honda City auto here. It�s been the de facto choice in this segment since its launch in 2009 & stiff competition from Volkswagen & Hyundai didn�t ruffle its feathers either. The City has a conventional torque converter & has only five gears against the Ford�s six. The City is also just Rs 4000 more than the Fiesta�s Rs 9.7 lakh price tag.

Design & engineering

City's high driving position like most hondas is spot-on.
Visually you will find no difference between the manual & automatic Fiestas � you get the same swept back headlamps, distinctive grille & bold creases that add up to a sporty shape. The tail section looks too high in profile though & is a bit ungainly. The Fiesta�s biggest brag is its dual clutch transmission, a first in this segment. After the recent facelift, the City got some minor cosmetic changes. The front grille now gets a chrome finish; there�s a new rear bumper & different taillights as well.


Fiesta has a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.
The Fiesta�s dashboard is nicely textured with soft touch materials but some plastics lower down look shiny & cheap; some of the switchgear too doesn�t feel premium either. What lets the interiors down is the rear seat, which simply can�t match the City for legroom. Headroom too is not as generous & the small rear windows add to the cooped up feeling. The Fiesta�s driving position is superb, the steering wheel, gearlever & seat are perfectly placed & the pedals are well spaced.

The City�s front seats are good, but not as nice as the Fiesta�s. Sure, there�s lots of space & the front seat cushions are generous, but the driving position isn�t anywhere as snug as the Ford�s. Where it does score over the Ford though is by having slightly better rearward visibility, & the rear seats are decidedly better. There is a generous amount of width & legroom & you feel less hemmed in here. The City now comes with light brown fabrics as opposed to the beige you used to get in the earlier car. The dials now get a cool blue backlighting & the chrome rings on the AC controls look nice.

The Fiesta is the better equipped car & has some unique features. There�s voice activation for the audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control & auto folding mirrors, so it�s amazing that Ford has priced it at par with the lesser equipped City.

Engine, gearbox & performance

Honda City uses a conventional 5-speed auto
So how does the Fiesta�s hi tech gearbox perform in the real world driving conditions? Slot the gearlever in �D� & you will find the Fiesta jumps off the line with enthusiasm. The dual clutch box feels good in traffic & you find it does a good job of selecting the right gear for the right situation. The gear ratios are shorter than the City�s & this helps with quick responses in the cut & thrust of city traffic. There is none of that gearshift jerkiness usually associated with twin clutch units. For ambling along in traffic, the Fiesta is brilliant & smoother than the City. The trouble is, as soon as traffic thins out, the Fiesta struggles a bit. This is mainly down to the engine�s lack of grunt � most of the power made by the Ford engine is near its redline so you really need to rev it to get the best out of it. The mid range is a bit flat as well & lacks punch.

The City�s torque converter transmission is not as smooth & power delivery can be abrupt at times. This makes it slightly tricky to drive smoothly in stop start traffic. If you do drive on the highway though, it�s the City that has the clear advantage. This is mainly down to the strong 118bhp engine & the quick shifting five speed auto. The City�s motor is free revving too. Our VBOX figures reflect this. The Fiesta takes 13.80sec to reach 100kph which makes it a second slower than the City. Even in gear, the City proves to be much quicker than the Fiesta.

The City�s engine/gearbox combo is more fun to use & in manual mode, the gearbox holds on to a gear & doesn�t upshift unless you pull the paddle (the Fiesta doesn�t have paddle shifters). The Fiesta doesn�t come with a manual mode; instead you get an �L� mode which gives you more engine braking & the �box stays in the lowest gear possible.

Ride & handling

If Honda is famous for its engines, Ford is equally well known for its driving dynamics. & the Fiesta, fine tuned to Indian tastes, is no different. Now, keen to appeal to a wider customer base, the car has been tuned to erase every bump & broken patch Indian roads can throw at it. & the taller springs & tuned dampers deliver the desired effect. The ride quality over poor sections of the road is simply superb. The Fiesta blots out most road noise over poor sections & the car never feels floaty at high speeds.

The City feels distinctly second best on the ride & handling front. The same section of road seems worse for wear, every poorly paved patch on the road gets highlighted & this is especially true at low speeds. The suspension is also much more audible than the Ford�s. But once speeds build, the City manages to tackle poor sections with less noise filtering through to the cabin. The City also feels the more nimble of the two. While its light steering fails to inspire confidence & feels vague at speed, it�s a delight in urban traffic. The steering of the Fiesta is well weighted & considerably more direct.

Fuel efficiency

Ford claims the Fiesta automatic to be very fuel efficient & our test confirms this. In town, the Fiesta returned a impressive 10.3kpl as against the City�s 9.5kpl, while on the highway the Honda�s tall gearing means it returned slightly better figures than the Ford.
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Lamborghini SUV at New York

Lamborghini SUV at Newyork motor show
The concept version of the upcoming Lamborghini SUV will be unveiled at the end of April at the Beijing Auto Show, but some lucky guests   aka select Lamborghini clientele   at the 2012 New York Auto Show were able to get a sneak peek at the concept. Lamborghini tried to keep everything secret until the concept�s official debut in China, but there were some people at the event who decided to share some information.

Those specific event goers reported that the car will have a silhouette similar to the BMW X6 & will be the same size as the Audi Q7. The concept will feature a carbon fiber body kit & LED headlights similar to the ones seen in the Estoque. At the rear, the SUV will feature four trapezoidal exhaust tips integrated in the rear bumper diffuser. The concept sits on a new set of 24" wheels with a carbon fiber design similar to the Aventador J combined with naturally carbon ceramic brakes.

More details about the Lamborghini SUV Concept will be revealed during the car�s official debut in Beijing, so stay tuned!
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Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Swift dZire reviews

maruti suzuki swift and Dzire front view
We love a bargain in this country. We also love a good saloon, what with all the prestige that seemingly innocuous third box brings. So when the government announced that �small cars� � which is what most Indians equate �hatchbacks� with � would be defined by a four-metre length cutoff, it only served to further widen the chasm between saloons and their bootless counterparts. The excise benefits meant that soon hatchback makers everywhere got their measuring tapes out and began filing down bumpers to make the cut. Meanwhile, the saloons basked in the warm glow of premium adulation, with their Rs 10-lakh price tags and optional leather seats. But remember, we love a bargain in this country, so it wasn�t long before the regulations were exploited.

Enter the compact saloon � a concept that seems illogical and aesthetically compromised, but actually makes tremendous economic sense. Tata was the first to nip the idea in the bud with the Indigo CS, which has been a huge success. Maruti followed suit with its new Swift Dzire which, unusually, is actually shorter than the car it replaces. A length of just 3995mm means it is officially a small car, and as a result Maruti�s been able to price it cheaper than the old car too! So what�s the catch?

maruti suzuki swift and dzire side view
While it�s better resolved than the old car, tacking a boot onto a car with as prominent a bonnet as the Swift is bound to look awkward. It doesn�t look like a conventional three-box saloon, and we wonder how this will go down with the Indian buyer looking for that �big car� feel. You also kiss 124 litres of boot space goodbye compared to the old car and the 316-litre capacity is abysmal by modern standards, which really begs the question � is the Dzire really any better than the hatchback that spawned it?

We love the new Swift � in fact we crowned it our 2012 Car of the Year. It has two fantastic engines, is fun to drive, very refined, handsome to look at and has a modern cabin. So it�s good to see that most of its good bits have been adapted to the Dzire in the saloonification process. But, acknowledging the premium expectations of the discerning Indian saloon buyer, Maruti has taken some very welcome steps to make the Dzire plusher.

maruti suzuki swift and dzire interior and steering
The interior is now a two-tone black-and-beige affair, the faux metal ditched for faux wood. The bigger rear doors open to a more reclined seatback, softer seats and beige upholstery. They�ve even recalibrated the rear suspension so the chauffeur-driven are little less rattled.

So it�s clear that the saloon � or notchback, to be precise � has a few tricks up its sleeve, so surely it must cost a fair bit more, right? Not quite. With the Dzire�s special introductory pricing, there�s only a difference of Rs 53,000-66,000, variant for variant, between it and the hatch. If that sounds like a lot, remember the old cars were closer to Rs 1 lakh apart.

And what about India�s favourite car-buying question? Since the engine mapping and gearing are unchanged and Maruti has kept the kerb weights of the two body styles identical � the economy (at least on the diesels) is near-identical too.

On paper, there isn�t much between the Swift and the Dzire � it�s more about what you want from your car. Yes, the saloon offers a little more comfort, a more pleasant cabin and a bit more boot, but the hatch isn�t exactly terrible on these fronts either. As with the previous generation, Maruti is marketing the two cars very differently. It says if you drive yourself and don�t travel with passengers or luggage often, get the hatch, no question.

maruti suzuki swift and dzire rear view
There�s also no question about the Dzire�s incredible appeal. Dealers tell us that customers who were waiting for delivery of their last-gen models were more than happy to upgrade to the new car, despite the reduced boot space. They also said most buyers had their heart set on the Dzire before they even stepped into the showroom and that some who came for the hatchback were even swayed into upgrading to the saloon. So, with the two priced so closely, will the new booted car cannibalise sales of its little sibling? It remains to be seen. Maruti maintains the current Dzire prices are only introductory and will go up over the next few months and, for many buyers, a tight budget governs the purchase. Still, with such a competent saloon at such an attractive price in a market like ours, we wouldn�t be surprised. We love a bargain, after all.
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Hyundai Genesis Coupe Formula Drift Car 2013 specification

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Formula Drift Car for 2013
The flock of drift race cars scheduled to compete in the 2012 Formula Drift season just got a lot more interesting with the introduction of Rhys Millen�s prized steed.

Over the past few years, Millen has competed in Formula Drift with a Hyundai Genesis Coupe & now that the latter has a refreshed 2013 model, it was only right for Millen to get his own race tuned, drift spec Genesis Coupe.

�I�m pleased to have Hyundai�s ongoing support for the 2012 season,� Millen said. �This begins the fourth year of our racing relationship with Hyundai, & we want to continue to build upon our success in both developing & racing Hyundai�s race proven products.�

So here it is, fellas. Unbeknownst to a lot of folks, the car carries a 2013 Genesis Coupe body shell with all the mechanical components being modified by Rhys Millen Racing. The result is a pretty bad ass Korean drifting machine capable of producing a very impressive 600 horsepower.

How will Rhys Millen fare against the competition? With a car like this by his side, there�s no doubt RMR will be making some serious noise in the 2012 Formula Drift season.
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New Toyota Etios price specification features

toyota etios heads for south africa
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. (TKM) announced the export of the Toyota Etios series to South Africa. The first consignment of 247 units has already been dispatched from Ennore Port near Chennai. The export model of the Etios will be built on the same platform as the Etios & the Etios Liva. However, they will be customised to suit local requirements & only the petrol variants will be exported. The Etios series is currently manufactured in Toyota�s plant on the outskirts of Bangalore & export models will be manufactured here as well.

toyota etios experts ceremony
Hiroshi Nakagawa, managing director, TKM said, �Toyota Kirloskar Motor has a come a long way since its inception in India & with the export of the Etios, we have been successful in completing our vision of making Toyota�s India operations a strategic hub for both the domestic & global market.�

toyota etios many at south efrica
Vicente Socco, executive vice president, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific commented, �The start of the export operations at TKM denotes the growing role of TKM in Toyota�s global operations. India has always been a very important market for us & it is further reiterated with the advent of the Etios export to South Africa.�

toyota etios heads for south africa

toyota etios red rear view at south efrica
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BMW new MINI cooper price specifications brand in India

mini cooper s launching in india
The BMW Group, which owns the Mini brand, has officially launched the iconic brand in India. Available as a Completely Built up Unit (CBU), the Mini will be sold in three body styles; Hatch, Convertible & Countryman. The Mini range will sport 1.6 litre petrol engines with 120bhp & 181bhp power outputs, coupled with a six speed automatic transmission.

India is the 100th country in which the Mini has been launched. The range, which was showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this year, already has 100 buyers in the country. The deliveries will start from May.

Speaking at the launch in Mumbai, Dr Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW Group India, said: �We have brought the world�s most exciting premium small car brand to India. The Mini is more than just a car � it is a personality on wheels � a fashion statement � & a way of life. The Mini expresses a whole generation�s approach to life � it is extrovert, open & full of zest in life. No other brand exhibits the attributes & essence of a modern urban lifestyle like MINI & there is no doubt that it is one of the world�s most emotional auto brands.�

mini cooper s launching in india with model sitting
�By launching the new Mini 10 years ago, we created the world�s first premium small car brand in the world. Since then, we have sold over two million Minis & converted the brand from a single model offer to a family of six models. Our main focus this year will be to concentrate on successfully establishing the MINI brand in India.� Dr. Schaaf further added.

Infinity Cars, the first exclusive showroom for the Mini brand, is located at Linking Road,Mumbai. Pooja Choudury, MD, Infinity Cars, said: �We are proud to launch the first Mini showroom in Mumbai. The Mini will open up a whole new world of inventiveness & style here.�

Mini India has announced plans to around five to six dealerships in India including two exclusive outlets in Delhi (NCR) in 2012.

Prices for the Mini range are:
Mini Cooper: Rs 25.5 lakh
Mini Cooper S: Rs 28.6 lakh
Mini Cooper Convertible: Rs 30.7 lakh
Mini Cooper S Countryman: Rs 32.8 lakh
Mini Cooper S Countryman High: Rs 35.9 lakh
(All prices ex-showroom)
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new 2012 Infiniti LE

We don�t have the official details on the new LE all electric concept just yet, but we already have the first images from the 2012 New York Auto Show. The The new concept is called the LE Concept & previews an Infiniti version of the already very successful Nissan Leaf EV.

Infiniti has yet to offer any details on the concept�s powertrain, but expect to see the same electric motor as found in the Leaf. Its total output will be somewhere in the 110 HP area, with performance numbers being kept at the same level.

Compared to the current Nissan Leaf, the Infiniti version will most likely focus on delivering an improved level of luxury. These images also show that the LE Concept will look completely different on the exterior compared to the Nissan Leaf. A production version of the concept is expected to be unveiled sometime next year.
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BMW New Facelifted X1 specifications features reviews

new BMW X1 Facelift

X1 gets a mid-cycle styling update, will be officially unveiled at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

These are the first pictures of the updated BMW X1 which will be revealed at the New York Auto Show. These updates come just two and half years after its entry level SUV was first revealed in its production guise.

In a move to rid the car of its black plastic cladding and provide it with a more upmarket appearance, the X1 receives a host of subtle exterior styling tweaks.

Changes include the adoption of a more heavily contoured front bumper with an altered grille featuring silver slats, more pronounced sockets for the round fog lamps and a completely redesigned lower section finished with a silver accent.

The headlamps retain the same familiar shape as those used on the existing X1, but receive new internal graphics, including LED corona ring main beam lights as an option. Further back, it gets reshaped exterior mirror housings carrying side repeater lights.

The rear receives a restyled bumper, which like the one up front, has been lightened visually by the adoption of more body coloured surfaces and a larger silver scrub-plate element.

Inside, the X1 adopts a lightly reworked centre console, high gloss air vents and a new range of optional trim elements. BMW will also start selling the X1 in the US post its reveal at the New York Auto show.

Expect the updated X1 to hit our shores later this year.
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New Vespa LX 125 price specifications features reviews

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New Toyota Camry 2012 release date

new toyota camry 2012
In the 2012 model year, the Toyota Camry received a redesign, well actually two redesigns. In the U.S. we saw a Camry that featured a rather un Camry like wedge front end. In Thailand, however, they received a more conventional looking Camry. Recently, a brochure leaked about the new Thailand style Camry making its way to Malaysia in June 2012.

new toyota camry 2012 steering and interior
Does this necessarily mean that the newly redesigned Camry will be available in the U.S.? Not really, but it is a good sign that it may eventually make its way here. This new Camry will likely be a test mule to see how it performs in smaller markets. If it does well, it will likely make its way around the world.
new toyota camry 2012 side view
This �new� Camry features a stouter looking front end that nearly resembles the front end of some Lexus cars. Not a big surprise, considering Toyota & Lexus are under the same Toyota Motor Company umbrella & have shared components regularly. Gone is the two bar grille, space ship like headlights, & wedge style front end. In their place is a five bar chrome grille, flatter front end, & more classy looking headlights, making this look much more conventional & nearly like a luxury car.

new toyota camry 2012 interior and seating
For now, we can only hope that a new Camry comes to the U.S., but there is no anticipated replacement in the U.S. market. Then again, Toyota does have its unnamed sedan that it�s unveiling at the 2012 New York Auto Show, which we all assume is an updated Avalon, but it could be a Camry. Plus, you just never know what kinds of tricks these car companies have up their sleeves at these car shows.

new toyota camry 2012 rear view
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BMW has Unvieled new i8 Spider specifications features reviews price

This open top BMW i8 Spyder concept will be turned into a production variant of the petrol electric hybrid supercar in 2015.

 The i8 Spyder is the third pre production version of the revolutionary supercar. It�s set for its first public airing at the Beiging motor show later this month. This concept is said to give extra clues to the production coup�, which is due to go on sale in late 2014. Of note are the solid doors, which replace the transparent sides of the previous concepts.

There are other subtle differences from the two previous concepts. The kidney grille is blanked off to cut aerodynamic drag & the �layered surfacing� styling treatment has evolved slightly with its open roof design, the i8 Spyder has a new, free standing windscreen & conventional door glazing that integrates with fixed rear three quarter side panels.

new BMW i8 Spider interior and steering
To provide roll over protection & boost chassis stiffness, there are prominent safety hoops, faired in by body panels, at the rear of the cabin. Although this concept leaves the design of the roof unclear, BMW insiders suggest that a removable panel, probably fashioned from carbonfibre, is the favoured solution.

The rear end has also been modified, with a flat, transparent engine cover in place of the sloping coup� roofline. It doubles as the luggage cover, over a wide but shallow stowage space.

As with all future BMW �i� sub brand models, the Spyder is based around a lightweight carbonfibre reinforced plastic structure clothed in body panels of the same material. It is 4480mm long, 1922mm wide & 1208mm tall. That makes it 130mm shorter, 142mm wider & 187mm lower than a 335i cabriolet.

new BMW i8 Spider rear bumper
The snug 2+2 layout of the i8 coup� has been ditched for a pure two seat cabin, with the rear bulkhead moved forward to provide added space for the engine. With a 2650mm wheelbase, accommodation is described as �generous�.

The i8 Spyder has the same plug in petrol electric hybrid system used by the i8 coup�. The 1.5 litre three cylinder turbo petrol engine is mid/rear mounted & delivers up to 220bhp to the rear wheels. The same engine will be offered in future Minis & a new front wheel drive entry level BMW.

In the i8 Spyder, the 1.5 litre petrol engine is mated to a front mounted 129bhp electric motor driving the front wheels via a fixed ratio gearbox.

new BMW i8 Spider rear view
The i8 powertrain can operate on petrol or electric power, or a combination of the two & in either front, rear or four wheel drive. A range extender function recharges the battery on the move. Together the petrol & electric motors make 349bhp. Computer simulations suggest the 1630kg i8 Spyder�s 0 100kph will be 5.0sec. Top speed limited at 250kph.

With the lithium ion battery sited within the centre tunnel & the petrol tank behind the rear bulkhead, BMW is claiming 50:50 weight distribution. Technical details of the battery remain secret, although BMW reports a 1hr 45min recharge using a high voltage supply. A recuperation system is also included to collect kinetic energy produced under braking & on a trailing throttle.
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New Ferrari Dino 246 GT review features specifications price Launched In Paris

new ferrari Dino border=
2012 will be a pretty busy year for Ferrari. After the F12berlinetta & the new Enzo replacement, the company will take a little break from developing V12 supercars & will focus on offering the long rumored successor for the legendary Dino instead.

In the past few years, Ferrari has been up & down when asked about a new Dino, but now Ferrari sources have confirmed to us that a new Dino is currently being developed & that it will be unveiled this fall at the Paris Auto Show, with the production to follow in early 2013   as a celebration of the car�s 45th anniversary.

The new Dino will be the smallest model in Ferrari�s line up & will be powered by a detuned version of the V8 engine used in the 458 Italia. This means we�ll see a total output somewhere in the 450 HP area. As for its exterior design, expect to see the classic Dino brought to our modern days: it will combine elements from the latest 458 Italia, FF, & F12berlinetta & will still offer a 2+2 seats configuration. The best part is that the car�s legendary nose will remain, but will look a bit modernized.

As for the car�s price, our sources have confirmed that the new Dino will be the cheapest model in the line up, but you�ll still have to dish out about $200K if you want to own one.
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