New Toyota Camry 2012 release date

new toyota camry 2012
In the 2012 model year, the Toyota Camry received a redesign, well actually two redesigns. In the U.S. we saw a Camry that featured a rather un Camry like wedge front end. In Thailand, however, they received a more conventional looking Camry. Recently, a brochure leaked about the new Thailand style Camry making its way to Malaysia in June 2012.

new toyota camry 2012 steering and interior
Does this necessarily mean that the newly redesigned Camry will be available in the U.S.? Not really, but it is a good sign that it may eventually make its way here. This new Camry will likely be a test mule to see how it performs in smaller markets. If it does well, it will likely make its way around the world.
new toyota camry 2012 side view
This �new� Camry features a stouter looking front end that nearly resembles the front end of some Lexus cars. Not a big surprise, considering Toyota & Lexus are under the same Toyota Motor Company umbrella & have shared components regularly. Gone is the two bar grille, space ship like headlights, & wedge style front end. In their place is a five bar chrome grille, flatter front end, & more classy looking headlights, making this look much more conventional & nearly like a luxury car.

new toyota camry 2012 interior and seating
For now, we can only hope that a new Camry comes to the U.S., but there is no anticipated replacement in the U.S. market. Then again, Toyota does have its unnamed sedan that it�s unveiling at the 2012 New York Auto Show, which we all assume is an updated Avalon, but it could be a Camry. Plus, you just never know what kinds of tricks these car companies have up their sleeves at these car shows.

new toyota camry 2012 rear view

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