Installation of a Hayden transmission cooler

I installed a transmission temperature gauge on my '96 CC 4X4 Powerstroke. Around town in 80-90 degree temperatures the transmission temperature never exceeded 170 degrees. However, when pulling my 25 foot travel trailer at highway speeds I found that the auto transmission was getting as hot as 230 degrees on mountain grades and was running at 200 degrees on the flats when air temps were over 90 degrees. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) begins to break down at temperatures over 170 degrees. The rate of breakdown doubles for every 20 degree raise in temperature. It is obvious that the stock transmission cooler does not do an adequate job during hot weather.

I ordered a Hayden 679 transmission cooler from DIS and installed it in series, after my stock cooler. The Hayden cooler is much larger than the stock unit. After the installation I took a 400 mile trip over southern California mountains and across the Mojave Desert. In spite of ambient temperatures in excess of 100 the transmission temperatures never exceeded about 180 degrees. This included climbing long mountain grades. Even in 100 plus temperatures the transmission normally ran at 170. Without the trailer the transmission is running at 140-150 in 90 degree plus temperatures. In cooler air temperatures (60s-70s) transmission temperatures are in the 140-150 range.

The Hayden cooler can be ordered from DIS for about $57 plus shipping. They also said I needed an adapter kit, which I did not need. The cooler comes with everything I needed to install the unit, in fact I had most of the hose and one hose clamp left over. I installed the Hayden cooler below the stock cooler. I ran a loop of hose from the return end of the stock cooler to the Hayden unit and connected the existing return line to the Hayden. Fluid now flows through the factory cooler, then into the Hayden unit and then back to the transmission. I encountered no major problems installing the unit, the entire project did not take more than one hour(the directions say it should take 30 minutes).

Parts Included in the Hayden 679 Cooler Kit: Cooler, 4 hose clamps, hose, 4 nylon connectors, 4 small foam pads and one threaded adapter. I only used two nylon connectors, three hose clamps and about 10 inches of hose. The nylon connectors substitute for bolts and hold the cooler in place.

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Shell Helix Ultra gets upgraded

Shell Malaysia today launched its new global communications campaign entitled �What the Road Takes Out, Shell Helix Puts Back� for the SHELL HELIX premium passenger car lubricants.

The entry of its latest upgraded fully synthetic lubricant, the Helix Ultra 5W-40, into the market. The new API SM-rated oil replaces the old Helix Ultra 15W-50 SL-rated lubricant.

The new lube promises remarkable long term oxidation stability, giving your car engine extended wear protection, and conditions and protects engines from the extra stresses of driving in modern start-stop traffic conditions. It also has the distinction of being the only motor oil recommended by Ferrari.

The campaign positions the Malaysian market leader, Shell Helix passenger car motor oils as the catalyst in the equation; the reason that your car still feels energised despite the road condition and driving style. �What the road takes out, Shell Helix puts back� campaign encapsulates Shell Helix�s �energising� proposition, describes how an engine oil can affect the performance of a motor vehicle and the driving experience.

Everyday driving, especially urban traffic with the constant changes of speed, can really take its toll on a car�s engine. Shell Helix motor oil, which has evolved from the 60 years of technical partnership with Ferrari, has been specially formulated with active cleansing agents to prevent the build up of dirt, continuously cleansing and energising the engine by stopping dirt particles from accumulating, leading to a smoother and more responsive drive.

According to Shell Malaysia Chairman Saw Choo Boon, who officiated the launch: �Shell�s expertise and exclusive technical partnership with Ferrari has enabled the Company to provide Malaysian motorists with renowned high quality motor oils, reinforcing Shell�s position as Malaysia�s leading motor lubricants brand.�

�Motoring enthusiasts realise that good quality motor oils keep engines running at its full potential and the driver gets the best from the car and the driving experience. As when your car�s engine is in peak condition, you can feel the difference; the drive is smoother, quieter and more responsive�. Mr Saw continued.

Scientifically proven

Shell scientists believe that sludge and dirt build up pose one of the greatest threats to an engine, making cleaning power the most valuable property of a motor oil. Laboratory tests that focus on the ability of Shell Helix motor oils to clean up dirty engines and then keep it clean, have confirmed the excellent engine cleaning ability of Shell Helix.

Shell scientists then took the challenge to test it in real-life situations on the open roads. In the first of the gruelling road tests, Shell tackled the most demanding drivers � the Motorway Police in the UK, as police vehicles are subjected to regular daily usage and constant acceleration, placing a great strain on the oil. The results showed that after 120,000 km, engines that use Shell Helix were twice as clean as those using a major competitor�s motor oil.

To further prove that Shell Helix ability in reducing engine vibration, a study was conducted across 4 countries (Malaysia, Colomia, Turkey and United Kingdom) and involved over 1,200 regular motorists and taxi drivers. In this blind test,

  • 9 out of 10 taxi drivers preferred Shell Helix where they reported a quieter engine start-up, a more responsive engine and overall smoother running engine.
  • Over 1000 motorists were asked to rate their drivng experience before and after a Shell Helix oil change, motorists described their cars as quieter, more responsive, smoother and more refreshed.
  • 100% of the engines tested were cleaner and displayed fewer deposits of sludge after having run on Shell Helix for only a week.

New Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 API-SM
At the same launch event, Shell announced the entry of the new Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 API-SM, an up-graded fully synthetic motor oil that gives you maximum engine clean-up in replacement of old Shell Helix Ultra 15W-50 API-SL. Shell Helix Ultra motor oil has been developed using Shell�s 60 year motorsport heritage and partnership with Ferrari in Formula One.

Shell Helix Ultra has remarkable long term oxidation stability, which giving your car�s engine extended wear protection. It minimises engine noise, and conditions and protects engines from the extra stresses of driving in modern start-stop traffic conditions. Shell Helix Ultra is for performance motoring and is the only motor oil recommended by Ferrari.

The launch was attended by the Media and partners of Shell�s distributors and dealers. Also present was General Manager Lubricants, South East Asia, South Cluster, Mr. Robert Kwong.

Note to Editor:
Shell Helix passenger car motor oils are available at all Shell retail stations nationwide, selected franchise and independent car workshops and spare parts shops around the country. The full range of Shell Helix lubricants are as follows:

  • Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 � A premium fully synthetic motor oil that is ideal for modern and sports cars with engines that run faster and hotter in order to achieve maximum power, fuel economy and reduced omissions. Maximum engne cleansing for performance motoring, refreshing and protecting your car. Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 4L & 1L retails at RM199.00 and RM54.90 (Peninsula Malaysia) and RM200.00 and RM55.90 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Helix Plus 15W-50 � A semi-synthetic oil that is suitable for use in fuel injected, turbocharged, naturally aspirated and multivalve passenger car engines. Exceptional engine cleansing in all driving conditions, refreshing and protecting your car. Shell Helix Plus 15W-50 - 4L &1L retails at RM93.00 and RM26.00 (Peninsula Malaysia) and RM94.00 and RM27.00 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Helix Diesel Plus 15W-40 � A semi synthetic oil that is suitable for use in fuel injected, turbocharged, naturally aspirated and multivalve passenger car engines that run on diesel fuels. Exceptional diesel engine clean-up and protection in all driving conditions, giving you a smoother and quieter drive. Shell Helix Diesel Plus 15W-40 4L & 1L retails at RM93.00 and RM26.00 (Peninsula Malaysia) and RM94.00 and RM27.00 (East Malaysia)
  • Shell Helix Super 20W-50 & 10W-30 � For naturally spirated and turbocharged multivalve passenger car engines. Superior engine cleansing, refreshing and protecting your car. Shell Helix Super 20W-50 4L & 1L retails at RM58.50 and RM16.60 (Peninsula Malaysia) and RM59.50 and RM17.60 (East Malaysia). Shell Helix Super 10W-30 3L & 1L retails at RM43.50 and RM16.00 (Peninsula Malaysia) and RM44.50 and RM17.00 (East Malaysia)
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