Ford Fiesta Review � An Honest Testimonial From A Satisfied Costumer

Howdy car fanatics and ford fiesta owner wanabeez! It�s been almost a year since you�ve heard the buzz about the said vehicle. Well, Ford Fiesta is now out in the market and is expected to amuse car lovers by 2011. Though the calendar hasn�t fall to 2011 yet, the said vehicle has become a top seller. Not to mention the car company has also received several awards for creating such a wonderful masterpiece. However, the downsides are still there. The criticisms from competitors are still present and trying to ruin the reputation of the said company. I�m not against them. But I�ll admit. I am a huge fan of Ford since then. From the lame one down to the latest, of which is definitely the Fiesta version.
Is Ford Fiesta really worth the money? Or just another snake-oil junk in the market today? Let me state my opinion to you guy. I know you�re also excited to have one. To be honest, the car was much like Honda jazz; cheap ugly and good gas mileage. But the Fiesta version is different as it contains cool features you�ve never seen before. Let�s face it. People nowadays are slowly and gradually shifting to small cars.  Even I could admit it. I hate huge cars such as vans and trucks. I had them in the past but I found difficulties with some of them.
So, what are the features that make the Fiesta version different from others?
First of all it has 15 different class features which add convenience and comfort to the passengers and most especially to the driver of the said vehicle. These features include automatic transmission, 7 standard airbags, push button start, optional leather surfaces, ambient lighting, security systems etc. In comparison to the older models of cars like NISSAN and TOYOTA, the fiesta version has effective throttle and flexibility. Not to mention the fact that it is also designed with fuel-saving combustion system. Talking about the interior, the said vehicle has adjustable cup holders, voice activated communications and entertainment system, cell phone holder and other cool electronic devices.
 Ford Fiesta appeared to be the up-gradation of the 2008 Ford Sync.  The only downside I could point out with the said vehicle is the small size though it isn�t a huge problem. Overall, I am proud to be a Ford Fiesta owner. The excellent design is there, the quality is there and the convenience is there! For car lovers out there, expect the Fiesta version as the Car of the year for 2011. Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate this review I truly made from the bottom of my heart. :)

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