2012 Lamborghini Jota

2012 Lamborghini Jota

Lamborghini is going to introduce Lamborghini Jota in 2012 which is now under testing and performance analysis . Lambo hasn’t reviled any details of Jota officially . But it is almost clear that Jota will Replace the Murcielago . The Jota will be much more fuel efficient than the Murcielago. The new Lambo Jota is coming with all new V12 direct injection engine which will be able deliver a huge power more than Murcielago and less than 700 Bhp .

Apart from using Steel chassis like Murcielago Jota is coming with light weight body which is build in collaboration with Aircraft manufacture Boeing . First Lamborghini’s plan was to build the body with carbon fibers and due to the huge expense they dropped that idea. Also one important report is that Lamborghini Jota is coming with pedal shift manual transmission. Through this modifications Lamborghini is aiming reduced emission and improved efficiency up to a better level.

Lamborghini hasn’t announced the price details and date of introduction of Jota till now.

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