Honda Accord 2011: Still A Kicking Tire This Brand New Year!

Next to Ford F series, Honda Accord has become the second top selling automobile in the world. With over 31,000 sales this year, the company is expecting to come up with double the numbers this 2011.  Honda accord is nominated as the best family�s sedan based on the testimonials from car owners. In comparison to older models, this type of vehicle does when it comes to reliability and quality. If we�ll talk about the sales, Honda Accord competes with another leading make � Toyota Camry.
Accord has two options. The two-door coupe and the four door type vehicle. And speaking of the inner specs, other leading makes in the market have nothing to say. The engine of the said vehicle is available in diverse selections including 177 HP, LX-P, LX, LTR V4, V 6 and 271 HP engines. And due to public demand, the company who is responsible for manufacturing Accord has also made several upgrades in the interior. 
The cabin is bountiful and the backseats have sufficient space, which is suitable enough to accommodate up to three full-sized adults. The driver�s area is also equipped with modern features and electronic devices such as DVD on board, MP3 players and the more common speedometer. Not to mention the navigation has also undergone an up gradation, there were lots of positives we could see in this automobile.
Speaking of the price, Honda Accord costs $21,000 and up. That could be to high but there�s no need to worry because the vehicle deserves for its price. Accord has already created a reputation, which makes it a prime choice to car owners all over the world. This coming year switch off, Accord will remain on its position as it is today. The above mentioned are just an overview of Accord. You can find more by checking out

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