Saab 93

Saab 93
The Saab 93 is a sedan manufactured by the Swedish. Marketed since 98' in version of  five doors, wagon and convertible. The 2nd generation sedan and station wagon appeared in 2002. The Saab 93 replaces the 9 hundred new generation built based on General Motors. Saab 93

The Saab 93 inherits the front seat of 9-5 with the active headrest "anti coup du rabbit" SAHR. The cosmetic changes concern the grille, steering wheel, front and rear bumpers and the 3rd brake light which migrates at roof level and location of the plate between the taillights. This is one of the best creations of the Swedish guys.
The onboard computer of the Saab 93 displays its information on the Saab-Information-Display (SID) developed by Nokia. The analog clock has yet given way to an integrated digital version on the screen. In mechanical terms, the Saab 93 still shares with the Opel Vectra platform GM2900 but seriously reviewed by the best swedish engineers.
Saab 93
In addition to the B204 from the classic "H engine", the Saab 93 opens with a developing low pressure turbo to 1 hundred and thirteen KW and an original Diesel Opel 2,2 liter developing from 85-92 KW depending on version.
The petrol versions of the Saab 93 are all compatible with the SP95 E10.

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