Luxury Sports Car

Luxury Sports Car

1. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3-Series 
Settle into the supportive driver seat of any of these cars and a world class suspension, steering and brakes will provide hours of entertainment on twisty 2 lane highways. Beyond simply feeling rock solid when hustled around turns, this car communicates with the driver in a manner that is alien to most cars. And you don't have to give up a comfortable ride to get this kind of athleticism.

Luxury Sports Car  Luxury Sports Car

 2. Audi A4

Whether you are considering the relatively inexpensive base model or you are looking to go all out with the ultrahigh performance, V8 powered S4 model, all A4s feature exquisite interiors, sharp handling and a clean exterior style with few faults. Luxury Sports Car

3. BMW 5-Series

bmw 5 series 2010 lookalike 

Luxury Sports Car Luxury Sports Car

A unique new steering system and a few hand me down parts from the top line seven Series further hone the 5's exemplary ride and handling while the continued use of BMW's world renown straight sixes along with an even more powerful V8, assures more than adequate straight performance. Even the addition of the cumbersome iDrive system hasn't dampened our enthusiasm for this top notch sport sedan as it is not only easier to use. It allowed the designers to clean up the interior a bit.

4. Audi A6

A nearly flawless interior, amicable handling and a wide array of drivetrain options make it hard to find fault with the 2004 A6 sedan and wagon. It offers performance on par with many of its peers, a distinctive style inside and out and all the features you would expect from a sedan of its caliber. From the base front-wheel drive 6 cylinder all the way up to the all wheel drive V8 model, the A6 lineup is packed to the brim with enticing options. Luxury Sports Car

5. Infiniti G35 Coupe

Infiniti G35 Coupe 2005 

Luxury Sports Car

Often overshadowed by its prominent Z-car cousin, the G35 is a fast, stylish coupe with more than enough personality to stand on its own. Its overachieving V6 engine not only assures lightning-quick acceleration, it purrs with a distinctive exhaust note that turns heads almost as much as the sleek sheet metal. All the latest technology is available in the cabin, but unlike the 350Z the G35 looks the part of an upscale coupe � and it has small, yet functional rear seats to boot. 

Luxury Sports Car Luxury Sports Car

6. Mercedes-Benz CLK Class Luxury Sports Car

With its swanky body style and numerous luxury and safety features, the recently revamped CLK makes for a cost-effective alternative to Mercedes' luscious CL500 coupe. At roughly half the price of the bigger Benz, the CLK offers a lot more than 50 percent of the senior coupe's goodness.

7. BMW Z4 Luxury Sports Car

This is a truly inspired driving machine. Handling is razor sharp, and the BMW Z4's communicative suspension, steering and brakes make it a delight on curvy roads. Meanwhile, a sophisticated stability control system makes it easy to balance fun with safety.Luxury Sports Car

8. Saab 9-5 Wagon Luxury Sports Car

Carrying on the legacy of Swedish safety, Saab equips the wagon with orthopedic front seats, dynamic head restraints, stability control, a menu of airbags and an IIHS nomination of 'Best Pick' for its performance in frontal offset crash testing. Unlike its Swedish automotive brethren, this wagon has sleek, even sexy styling.

9. Volkswagen Touareg Luxury Sports Car

We can't get over the versatility Volkswagen has packed into its first modern-day utility vehicle. Comfortable interior with high-quality furnishings? Check. Smooth, stable ride quality? Check. Easy to maneuver around town? Check. Low-range gearing, two locking differentials and a level of off-road ability befitting a Jeep? Check. What's the catch? Well, the backseat's average in size, and neither the V6 nor the V8 gets a gold star for fuel economy. Luxury Sports Car Luxury Sports Car

10. Infiniti FX45 Luxury Sports Car

Looking for a vehicle that really puts the "sport" in sport utility vehicle? The FX is it. With sedanlike handling and a sweet-sounding V8, the FX45 offers a near perfect blend of luxury SUV presence and sports car performance. Infiniti's new crossover won't take you too far off-road, or tow your cabin cruiser over a mountain, but if you want to pester people in sport sedans while still enjoying a commanding view of the road from one of the trendiest cockpits on the market, the FX45 can oblige. Luxury Sports Car

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