3 giants join their hands against Google

The three giants Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo join their hands to sign up the Open Book Alliance.

They go up against a legal resolution that could make Google the main basis for several online works.

In 2008, the search giant reached many publishers and authors to resolve two lawsuits that gave the company with copyright infringement for the unauthorized scanning of books.

In that decision, Google paid $125 million to create a Book Rights Registry, the authors and publishers received compensation.

Google might also be given the right to digitize unknown works i.e. whose rights-holders are not known and there are believed to be 50-70% of books published after 1923.

Explanation on the deal has to be lodged by 4 September. In early October, a judge will think whether to approve the class-action suit or not.

On the other side, the US Department of Justice is performing an anti-trust analysis into the impact of the agreement.

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