Premiere of a new Audi A8 will be held at the end of 2010

Debut second-generation Audi A8 took place in 2003, and since then the model has only a small feyslift to remain in the "form" in the face of such rivals as Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LS and the new BMW 7-Series.

The next generation A8, which will premiere in late 2010, early stages of development and German engineers are beginning to test the new car mechanics, which passes road test in the bodywork of the current sedan. It is expected that the new model faired better contrast with typical along the lines of the body and the bonnet and new front and rear lights, while the radical exterior updates are foreseen and much of the technical improvements touches of the car.

The model is built on a modular platform Audi A4 with the use of more lightweight materials like aluminium and magnesium to reduce weight and improve dynamics. In all likelihood, will inherit the current number of new power units, ranging from 2.8 - six-liter engine and finishing 4.2 - liter vosmitsilindrovym FSI. The new 6.0 - litre V12 turbodizel can replace large W12, which is equipped with masthead version of Audi A8 with long wheel base, because the company intends to withdraw from the production of gasoline version of the engine due to too high costs of assembling the required standards and inconsistencies toxicity. In addition, the line will add a few more "charged" with the new units for gas distribution system. The base model, as before, remain peredneprivodnoy, while more expensive versions equipped with a full drive Quattro.

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