Audi conducting tests of prototype Convertible Audi R8

The prototype sports cabriolet Audi R8 paparatstsi noticed on the roads of Germany. Judging from the photos, the car will receive materchatuyu roof, but left without a branded aluminum thresholds.

A new version of the model still has no title: among the options - Convertible / Cabriolet, Spider and Targa. The latter seems most appropriate, given especially the body, covering the rear seats.

Convertible differ from the usual R8 additional air intakes behind the seats and a pair of other security-specific versions of open-top. Cover fuel tank shifted because of a lack of rear pillars body. Also, the chassis designers enhance the car.

At a prototype becomes the exhaust pipe and diffuser from the Audi R8 V10, which still has not been formally submitted. Perhaps these details point to the development of Convertible with 10 - cylinder engine. But, rather, Audi RS-experiencing masthead version of the new R8.

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