What is in your motor oil?

In today modern multigrade blend or typical engine oil, there are two major components:
(1) based oil stock - the petroleum or hydrocarbon (ester and/or synthesized compound for full synthetic)
(2) additives - the mostly synthetic parts

So, what are the additive and what they do?

Additive - function
Antiwear - reduce friction and wear
Extreme pressure agent - prevent stress related scoring and seizure
Corrosion inhibitor - prevent rusting
Detergent - keep surfaces free of deposits
Dispersant - keep deposits in suspension
Friction modifier - alter frictional properties
Pour point depressant - allow oil flow when cold
Seal swell agent - ensure seals do not leak
Viscousity index improver -promote viscosity stability
Antifoam - reduce foaming
Antioxidant - reduce oxidation of oil
Metal deactivator - retard catalytic oil oxidation

These components or partial of them are also found the on the shelf Engine Oil Additive

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