Racing Motor Oil

The oil used for racing engine, so will it be suitable for my car?
Theoretically, yes. Since the oil can endures the abuse in racing engine, it should be the best engine oil ever!

But, there is some pros and cons to that. Motor oils used in racing have the capability to lubricate the metlting hot metal with thin oil film to minimize friction while maintaining viscosity. Viscosity Index Improver (VII) or Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) Improver are added to achived that, somes claim with only the based stock!

One obvious component lack in racing motor oil for the engine is detergent. In high stress-heat-pressure engine, the detergent agent will get burn or detonation. In many cases, this material is avoided. Please bare in mind the F1 team change engine oil after completing each round. Without the detergent, our road legal car will not last, not if you are changing the oil every 1000km.

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