Supra Sports Car

Ah, the Toyota Supra. One of those cars that everyone wants, but very few. Twin Turbo is equipped with the main line is still admired today, it is difficult for the beauty and integrity of the superstructure to assert as a sports car. The lucky ones who have a Supra, no doubt, they clung for many years. And how many of us, it's hard to blame the owners get bored with the car and walk the path of adjustment.This Supra on the way, made ??up of small changes to keep the car clean, but was fully operational. Most of its changes under the hood with a Garrett GT42-76 Turbo are the modernization of the center. Other enhancements include a turbocharger wastegate 40mm TiAl component, 4-inch front-mount intercooler, HKS blow-off valve and Greddy Boost Controller ProfEC-B. Additional oil directly into the system 1000cc injectors, fuel pressure regulator and titanium cast April ramp. 272 Brian Crower cams replaced the parts in stock and an injection of 150 nitrogen was added to the whole package. There is no doubt in our mind that it's super fun to drive.

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