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2012 Ferrari F70
Ferrari has ambitious goals for his successor to the mighty Enzo F70 is said to have called it the mid-engined supercar to do anything unless they exceed essentially the Enzo, as much more efficient, to become emission standards more stringent than ever meet. As such, you need to do more with less. Less weight, fewer cylinders ... But one thing, the price will be. It is said that when the F70 will go on sale in 2012, could easily cost over $ 1,000,000.
With the knowledge of their racing machines of Formula 1, the Enzo FXX track car based on the FXX Mille Chile concept race car light, 599XX and street machine Italia Ferrari 458 has a lot available. The Thousand Chile in 2007 gave a clear indication of the new road from Ferrari to maximize performance: much lighter vehicles through increased use of exotic materials like carbon fiber. By the way, "Mille Chili" refers to 1000 kg (approx. � 2,200), the target weight for the F70.
Unlike the naturally aspirated V-12 engine F50 Enzo and before the last word, which is the F70 again to a twin-turbo V-8, as seen in the F40. Only the F70 direct injection engine with the latest technology to turbo lag, eliminate, get 670-700 hp, but with an excellent yield (a Ferrari), fuel economy and low emissions (a chain of hybrid drive is unlikely that the F70, because the system adds weight inherent). The F70 is expected to reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The speed of the target up to 230 mph is achieved by a series of drag reduction on active aerodynamics.

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