TATA NANO Reviews and latest specifications model

Tata Nano is a stylish and comfortable car with affordable price. This car is cheapest car in the world. This car rocks with its huge inner space, its small turning radius and great look.

Tata Nano

Features of Tata Nano

  • 642CC petrol engine
  • Rear mounted aluminum engine
  • Max power 35bhp@5500rpm
  • 4.8kgm@3000rpm
  • 0-60 kmph in 8 sec and max speed is 105 kmph
  • gearbox: 4 forward speeds, 1 reverse, all forward gears synchronized

Pros and Cons of  Tata Nano:
Pros of Tata Nano:
  • Very affordable price.
  • Turning radius
  • Inner space.
  • Good AC
  • Design and fuel economy.
Cons of Tata Nano
  • No Glove box
Tata Nano Models:
Tata Nano is available in three models namely Tata nano std, Tata nano CX,  Tata nano LX. Tata Nano Deiesel version was supposed to released early 2011. But due to movements it got delayed and expected to release end of 2011.
Tata Nano Price
Nano Std BSII � Rs. 1,25,340/-
Nano Std BSIII � Rs. 134,249/-
Nano Cx BSII � Rs. 151,388/-
Nano Cx BSIII � Rs. 160,322/-
Nano Lx BSIII � Rs. 185,375/-

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