Cristiano Ronaldo�s Car Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo�s Car Collection

This car has gained worldwide recognition as a dream car for those who like automotive and sporty style. This car is certainly well suited to the job Ronaldo as world�s top athletes. Although the price reached $ 100,000, Ronaldo did not have problems to buy and place it in the garage.
This car just came out in May, but who have long time to CR7 wait discharge directly to buy this car. This car has a powerful engine, which carries the 3.0-liter V6 engine 8 speed transmission triptonic. Its maximum speed was up to 218 km / hour. For fuel consumption, this car could spend 10.5 liters for a distance of 100 km. The price, 49,000 euros.
 This car is the most powerful Bentley ever made and the first to penetrate the speed of 320 km / hour. CR7 really wanted this car and have to spend funds amounting to 375,000 U.S. dollars to be able to drive it.
This car is a type of car owned by Ronaldo is most amzing, because the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest and most expensive cars on earth. Its top speed reaching 253 mph, or about 407 km / h and can beat a Formula 1 car that could drive up to 360 km / hour. The price was very expensive, reaching $ 1.2 million.

This car is very limited. Porsche parties only provide as many as 356 units. To bring an open-topped car with this classic roadster style, Ronaldo willing to spend enough money, amounting to 201,682 euros.
Sports cars have two seats it has in fact there are more recent output. However, Ronaldo was very fond of this kind Ferrari. Therefore, he did not want to sell and still drive a car costing 188,000 U.S. dollars.

This super car can reach top speeds of up to 316 km / hour. The price was too exorbitant, that is 109,000 U.S. dollars.

Rolls-Royce car brands are highly respected in the UK. This car is usually only owned by the nobles or the people who have abundant wealth. Only a few people who currently have a car of this brand in the UK. Worth about $ 443,000. The amazing thing is in the trunk of the car have a picnic boot. When the trunk is opened, it will come out an automatic cabinet that stores some champagne bottles and other picnic supplies

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