Audi confirms about the new Lamborghini SUV specification features

Audi confirms about the new Lamborghini SUV specification features

new audi lamborghini suv
Codenamed LB736, will be powered by  retuned new V10 engine, whose production will be limited to only 1500 units in one year.

Lamborghini is close to unveiling a dramatically styled & luxuriously equipped SUV concept which previews its long touted third model line, a senior source at parent company Audi has confirmed about that.

This SUV concept is set to getting its 1st public airing in Beijing motor show in this April. The production of the car version will go on to join a successor to today�s Gallardo & the recently introduced Aventador in what will be at least a 3 strong Lamborghini line up in 2016.

�I can�t comment in detail, but the speculation in the press is largely correct,� a source said about the reports outlining Lamborghini�s plan to gauge a public response to a LM002 successor with the SUV concept.

new audi lamborghini suv rear view
Conceived as a upmarket rival of the likes of the Maserati Kubang & soon to be confirmed Bentley SUV, the new Lamborghini is set to sell in small numbers are likely to be fewer than 1500 units an year. Prime markets for performance orientated 4 wheel drive will be US, the Middle East & China.

Nothing is official but it is suggested that the 5000 mm long 4 seater will be a retuned version of  Gallardo�s 5.2-litre V10 petrol engine. A hybrid version is also envisaged. It is said that to combine the standard V10 engine with a electric motor & a lithium ion battery pack.

It is known by a internal codename LB736, the new SUV is expected to share its underpinnings with the next generation Audi Q7, it is also set to provide the basis for the new Bentley off roader. This is so called MLB structure is already undergoing an intensive development at Audi & will be subjected to a dramatic weight reduction programme. As a result the Lamborghini�s new SUV will come under 2000kg.

An unprecedented fourth model is still under consideration � a low-slung four-door saloon, previewed by the well received Estoque concept first seen at the 2008 Paris show. Our source said it �shouldn�t be ruled out as a further addition to the line-up, should studies reveal there is a market

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