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Aston Martin One-77 technical showcase made its debut the Geneva Auto Salon on 3 March 2009. Chassis no.1 was on display as an expos� throughout the show detailing the quintessence of Aston Martin engineering and design expertise.

The One-77 is Aston Martin's definitive sports car, one that epitomises everything Aston Martin from technology, the hand-craftsmanship of the hand rolled aluminium panels to the attention to detail. A culmination of all the marque's know-how, the Aston Martin One-77 delivers effortless beauty guaranteed to stir the senses with performance potential eclipsing any previous Aston Martin.
With the performance and durability phase of the Aston Martin One-77's intensive development programme soon to commence, the 79th Geneva Auto Salon provides the perfect stage on which to reveal the remarkable engineering, advanced technology and exotic materials that lie beneath the Aston Martin One-77's extraordinary exterior.
For Aston Martin's Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez, revealing the Aston Martin One-77's secrets is a proud moment: "Right from the very beginning of the project the vision for Aston Martin One-77 was very simple: It had to combine high-technology with hand-built craftsmanship, and demonstrate the unique capabilities and passion of our designers, engineers and technical partners.Aston Martin's full design muscle was directed toward the One-77's development, being the first truly all-new Aston model in years. The proof is in the pudding, as the Aston Martin One-77 production model just won one of the industry's most coveted design awards, the Concorso d�Eleganza Design Award for Concept Cars and Prototypes at Como Lake, Italy.

Aston Martin says that due to the One-77�s sky-high performance aspirations, special attention has also been paid to brake cooling, as the brakes have less time to cool between bursts of acceleration.
The brakes also get a break due to the relatively low weight of the car, which comes in at 3,300 lbs. The result is improved handling and stopping power, zero-to-60 sprints of just 3.5 seconds and a top speed north of 200 miles per hour.
Dimensionally, the One-77 is shorter than the DB9, lower than the Vantage and has a track of six and a half feet � only eight inches narrower than a Hummer H1.
Another incredibly unique aspect of the One-77 is the exclusivity and uniqueness about the car. Only 77 examples (hence the name) will ever be built, with no two cars being exactly alike thanks to a customization system befit of a seven-figure supercar. Because of this custom build approach, pricing ranges from approximately $1.5 to $2 million.
This daunting "one-off" approach presents a very unique challenge to Aston Martin as they must find a way to truly differentiate 77 examples of this single model in order to remain true to their promise.

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