Ferrari FF 2012 new and latest

Ferrari FF 2012

The last time Ferrari blew absolutely everyone away with wall-to-wall surprises and equally sizzling performance all wrapped into one car was in 2002 with its Enzo. We're not saying that all things between then and today have been shabby, mind you. And we're also not saying that the 2012 Ferrari FF does it in marquee-and-fireworks Enzo-style, but the unexpected innovations aboard this gorgeous trailblazing all-weather shooting brake will keep conversation heated for an uncommonly long time.


 This is Ferrari thinking way outside its box of usual GT forms and, for no other reason than this, we must applaud them.

You're probably expecting us to drop the "But..." right about now, yanking the carpet away in the damning-with-faint-praise tradition, however, there isn't one to drop on the parade here. We've just reeled off some 150 miles of sheer V12 driving joy in the endlessly challenging Dolomite Mountains of northeastern Italy, and when finished with that, we only wanted more. Admittedly, we could do with a better onboard sat-nav and command center than the Harman Kardon unit, as well as a slightly weightier steering map for warm and dry days, but these are our only moments of quandary when assessing the FF.

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