Ferrari 485 sport car

Ferrari 485

It seems there�s something out there even more eye catching than a red Ferrari: a Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in an incredible Camouflage vinyl. If you ever want to make your car unique there are probably two solutions: either try to modify it or just apply a unique vinyl on it that will make it stand out of the pack.
The second option is cheaper and if you find a great vinyl the visual effect will be impressive. This camouflage vinyl for the 458 Italia was created by a German company called Cam Shaft which is not specialized in camshafts as their name suggests, but they are experts in vinyl wraps and could offer probably anything to their customers.
They could change the car�s look almost completely by wrapping it in vinyl and they could even modify it�s design by applying bits of vinyl on headlights that would make the car even more unique.

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