Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars
Toyota Hybrid Car 
Hybrid cars use more than 1 source of power. The most common 2 sources in today's hybrid cars are petrol and electric power. The body of the Hybrid cars are lighter than a conventional automobile to offset the addition of more batteries and the electric motor which are very heavy. The tires of the Hybrid Cars are made of firm material and hold more air pressure to decrease rolling resistance which helps to improve mileage. The batteries are charged by recovering brake energy and are re-charged from the alternator. Unlike the batteries of a normal car.
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Hybrid cars
There is no doubt that soon the world will run out of petrol fuel so in the near future and hybrid cars and electric will be the choice. Automakers have taking notice of this forecast and have made changes in the car line-up that will enable them to respond to the new hybrid cars demand.
hybrid cars
This line-up includes new models along with existing models that have been updated with the new hybrid cars design. A definition of "hybrid" means: "More than 1 source of power" whereas an electric car is fully electrically powered with no alterative power source.

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