BYD recently announced plans to mass produce the BYD F6. BYD already mass produce the F6! but this time they are going to roll out a fully electric F6 model not a hybrid but a true plug in electric car.
It apperently created a new kind of battery that uses iron but what we have been told is that no other battery manufacturer uses iron in their batteries. BYD says it had 5 hundred workers on the iron battery that it says will be used in the future in everything from cars to mobile phones to laptops.
BYD also announced another product and this is product is the BYD F6-DM. In China the electric vehicles fell into a gray area where in some big cities electric cars are not allowed to be anywhere but in the bicycle lane as the local DMV will not issue license plates for them but some other smaller cities actively encourage the use of Chinese designed and built electric cars and will happily allow the DMV to put plates on the mini cars.
BYD cars are easily going to place themselves as 1 of the main leaders in the world of electric cars design and manufacturing over the next few years.

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