2012 Peugeot 408

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A decisive step in the Lion�s offensive on the world�s foremost automobile market. Presented today, as a world premier on the Chinese market, to around 300 Chinese journalists and more than 700 network representatives by Jean-Marc Gales the Marque�s Managing Director, the new Peugeot 408 marks a further step in the Marque�s offensive on the world�s foremost automobile market.
Despite being present on the Chinese market for 5 years only, the Peugeot Marque sold over 410 000 vehicles in 2009. This corresponds to a 44% sales increase compared with its 2008 performance.
Following its fine performance in the M1 segment with the success of the 307 saloon and the 307 notch-back, of which 3,522,800 have been produced worldwide, Peugeot is now quite legitimately embarking on a Chinese market offensive with its new 408 DF Peugeot.
This new prestigious notchback tailored for the Chinese market will serve to reinforce Dong Feng Peugeot�s product offer on the M1 segment that accounts for over 45 % of the total market.
In this manner, the new Peugeot DF 408 should enable the Lion Marque to increase its sales volumes by over 30% in 2010, compared with 2009, and thereby to grow at twice the forecast pace of the market.
The 408 thus highlights the aspects that give this new saloon a distinctive character. With a modern offer aimed at satisfying the requirements of this segment's consumers, Peugeot's ambition is to set new standards on the market, with:
A harmonious, appealing style, combination of dynamism and prestige.
Excellent interior comfort.
A high quality image.
Improved driving pleasure and comfort.
Latest generation equipment.
A very high level of safety.
The 408 is the first vehicle on the roads in Brazil to display the new Lion logo, whose more dynamic and pure shape enhances and strengthens the Peugeot brand identity.

The 408 saloon�s architecture has been designed and developed jointly by Peugeot's Styling teams in Europe and China and meets three key objectives to embody the Marque's latest style, guarantee maximum safety and offer unrivalled interior space.
The 408 name follows the Marque's traditional naming logic. The figure 4 refers to the size of the car (4.68 m) and its positioning in the medium-luxury family saloon segment. The 0 in the middle signifies that it belongs to the Peugeot Marque, while the 8 expresses the vehicle generation.
With this name, the 408 naturally falls into place within the current Peugeot range and becomes the forerunner of the 8 series, the latest generation vehicles to be launched on the Chinese market.
The Dong Feng Peugeot 408 is the result of the joint venture set up between PSA Peugeot Citro�n and the Chinese group DFM. The car is being produced at the Wuhan plant in Hubei province in China. It is positioned to become one of the market's benchmark vehicles with a full-year sales objective of 100,000 units.

The 408 is a notchback of generous dimensions. With its half-height architecture that gives a strong sensation of space, it is 4.69 m long and 1.815 m wide, with a 2.81m wheelbase.
Those in the front enjoy a high quality, dynamic environment, adding to the driving pleasure, while rear passengers have a very luminous, comfortable and extremely spacious compartment.
The large boot, with pantographic opening and excellent access to the interior, has a load space of 526 litres, one of the largest in the segment.

The 408 is a latest generation vehicle that incorporates all Peugeot's expertise in terms of dynamic driving behaviour and safety.
Its rigid structure, together with the passenger restraints (up to six airbags) and equipment such as ESP and ABS as standard for emergency braking assistance and electronic brake force distribution (EBDF), guarantee an exemplary level of safety.
The quality of the chassis which, inter alia, gives it great structural rigidity, ensures an excellent performance from the running gear, for safe, precise, comfortable road-holding. Indeed, great attention has been paid to all aspects concerning on-board comfort: suspension, acoustic filtering, thermal regulation and seat quality.
All these elements combined ensure an incomparable driving experience, worthy of the Peugeot DNA. As always, driving pleasure is a priority for the Lion Marque.

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