Nissan 2011

Nissan 2011 Patrol SUV

The latest generation Patrol is built on a new platform and is offered with a new and more powerful 5,6 litre V8-engine that replaces the previous model's 4,8 liter V8. The new V8 engine of the Nissan 2011 Patrol SUV produces 4 hundred horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. Nissan didn't disclose any details on any other future powerplant offerings for the Patrol.
Nissan 2011 Nissan 2011 Nissan 2011
The 5,6 liter V8 engine is linked to a new seven speed automatic transmission and an upgraded four WD system that incorporates a variable 4 x 4 mode package allowing the driver to quickly switch between 4 drive modes: sand, on road, snow and rock. Nissan 2011   

The Nissan 2011 Patrol SUV gets a new suspension setup that now employs a four wheel independent suspension upgraded from the previous rigid axle setup. While Nissan also equipped the Nissan 2011 Patrol SUV with an Hydraulic Body Motion Control System which reduces the body roll during lane changing and cornering.
Nissan 2011 Nissan 2011 Nissan 2011
Other highlights include the new Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control and a revised brake system with new hydraulic brake booster and a four piston opposed front caliper setup with larger 358 mm front discs,
while the new Patrol forms the base for the Infiniti QX. 
The interior of the Nissan 2011 Patrol SUV is a much more luxurious place to be with the company claiming that since most customers spend less than 15 percent of the time off road, it wanted to create a better and a higher quality interior for the whole family.

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