Insurance Claims Case for ex. about Muscle Cars Crash

The Accident of Muscle Car

Muscle Car Crash - Data for Insurance Claim

I need your advice for insurance claims?

One day my muscle car parked at the curb, then there is someone who hit from the front and corner side when we got out of the parking lot. It was a sad morning, I saw the whole side of my muscle car that hit me and I was devastated.
Then someone ran into me asking me not not report the case to the police, because recently he has twice the accident and he was afraid he insurance costs are higher because several times in an accident.

Muscle Car Crash Photo for Insurance Proof

I do not know whether our law requires you to report this case to the police or does it need?, And Is if we often have an accident because of our mistakes, then our insurance costs will go up? Does this affect the insurance claim process? Please your opinion.

Insurance for Shelby Cobra Muscle Car

1. comments 1:
I think personally, you should call the police, after the police handled the case, then policies will give a real report about the incident to the insurance company, if it is up to the insurance data will be processed and most likely you will get a claim for your losses, it means You do not need to spend money for damage that occurs in your muscle car. But remember, take an accurate picture at the time of the incident, time and place specific. This will simplify the claims process.

Insurance Claims of Superbird

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I think it all depends on the policy from the insurance company. The insurance company what it is used by someone who hit you?, Then the insurance company muscle car which you use to protect your muscle car?. We recommend that both of his claim in accordance with their respective provisions in force at the company. Probably you and the party that hit you do not need to pay to repair the muscle car.

Accident of Muscle Car

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Although often have an accident, I think the muscle car insurance costs will not rise as feared by the person who hit you, because such cases have been anticipated by the insurance company. Of course, to refer to the Terms and Conditions of the agreement between you and the insurance company muscle car at the time you make a covenant to accept their offerings.

Burning Car for Insurance Claim Evidence Photo

The case above are some examples of automobile insurance claims processing muscle that often occurs around us, may be among you ever experienced similar things or maybe a much different experience. If you have trouble on your vehicle insurance cases, you can share it on several web sites that you use as a recommendation, please try one of the insurance company links on this website, thank you.

Insurance Proof of Muscle Car Accident

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