Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT
The acceleration of the Ford Mustang GT is shocking as is the maddened "whoop" which fills the cabin. In no time my codriver and I have swallowed seas of traffic, fast forwarding the windshield view to a blur, an F15 in a sky of Cessnas.
The price is good. Under thirty grand puts you into a 5.0. Brembo front brakes, 3,73 axle and a deleted rear spoiler. The cash register rings to the tune of U$S 32.980. This is the equivalent of Frank Bullit's old 390-GT but make no mistake: with a conservatively rated 412 HP.
It's nearly impossible to overstate the sheer charisma of the engine of the Ford Mustang GT Dyed in the wool import snobs will simply adore the way it builds power along the rev range. While the original Ford Mustan GT 5.0 was in many ways simply a flexible platform for a sterling engine. However, this Ford Mustang GT continues Ford�s march of refinement. NVH is down. Interior quality is up, measurably so in these pre production cars compared to the GT 4,6 I drove last year.
Ford Mustang GT Ford Mustang GT
SYNC is available and recommended to all but the most feverish of Luddites.
The "MyKey" electronic nanny is available as well but no amount of technology will keep teenagers from dying in this car if the conditions are wrong. Ford Mustang GT

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