Volvo Concept Universe (2011)[Reviews]

At the Shanghai Motor Show 2011, Volvo Car Corporation displayed a masterpiece of Scandinavian design car buyers to your liking.

Volvo Concept universe is a large luxury sedan with a new human-centered design, language that honors the beautiful lines of classic Volvo models.

"The concept of the universe, Volvo offers the world a taste of what people can expect from our next high-level sedan," said Stefan Jacoby, president and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo Car Corporation's long-term strategy has been successful, truly global company, whose products have been designed around the needs of our customers' and lifestyle.

Scandinavian design is about understanding and caring people. Volvo Car Corporation aims to be the brand that best interprets what car buyers want to contemporary luxury.

The concept of Volvo universe was designed for an unconscious desire and a sense of timeless beauty.
It moves toward the future of its coupe-like roof, and a modern, full-back, but also echoes the legacy of Volvo design cues borrowed from classic designs of the past.

"Like many luxury items, this design feels in their hands and durable enough to withstand the test of time," said Peter Horbury, vice president of design at Volvo Car Corporation. "We will compete with the best of our special brand of Scandinavian design. It is unmatched in performance and technology, but without superficiality or complications."

User-driven and pure

Within the concept of the universe has a Volvo, comfortable and cultivated, which is also driven by users and refreshingly uncomplicated. Is your controller forward and comfortably relaxed on the back.

The environment the pilot flying intuitive controls and a touchscreen that is close at hand when the driver came to her - all operated in a venue that is inspired by the ultra-comfortable chairs.

Rear seat passengers are embraced by pure comfort. Indoor mold in the back seat and becomes part of the seats environment.

A sense of dynamics and dark-colored front seat of the world vanishes without interruption until it becomes all light back seat paradise of tranquility. Volvo Concept Universe is full of classic shapes, materials and textures, with a special touch to create a modern and luxurious.
"Volvo Universe Concept is exceptionally refined, but with all assets simplistic, making the Volvo Champions of the complication. There is a growing understanding of this brilliant mix of design and technology between the modern luxury car buyers. This trend paves the way for our success. We believe that our particular brand of luxury has a great future, "said Peter Horbury ends.

"Our goal is to be the brand that understands better what buyers want modern luxury car. We are anxious to hear what the most demanding customers in view of China, this luxurious concept. Later, we show design in Europe and the United States to bring the whole world that we are all models of cars, "said Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO, Volvo Car Corporation.

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