Bentley Continental Convertible Supersports (2011)

Bentley Continental Super Sport Cabriolet Bentley supercar large increases after the introduction of the Bentley Continental Coupe Super Sport in 2009. The new Super Sport convertible, with the same 630PS (621bhp/463kW) bi-turbo W12 convertible is the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever built, offering the ultimate driving experience in the Bentley convertible The most spectacular of the world.

Inspiration for the "Super Sport" is the name of the 1925 Bentley Supersports, race-prepared version of the legendary Bentley 3-liter, 85bhp, which delivered more than normal when cars were equipped with a modest 15bhp. It was also the first car to reach 100 mph - the highest performance in its time.

The new four-seat convertible Bentley Continental muscle Bentley Supersports is undoubtedly in its design and craftsmanship, but his dramatic reinterpretation interiorsignifies Bentley luxury. Raso carbon fiber, leather Soft-Grip 'Alcantara � and create a sporty and contemporary.

All models in the Continental range, including the new Bentley Continental Convertible Supersports are now able to use both gasoline (petrol) and E85 ethanol or a combination of the two, establishing the Bentley's ongoing commitment to make all cars of biofuels compliant by 2012. A pioneer in the Super Sports Coupe, FlexFuel technology offers a discount of up to 70 percent of well-to-wheel CO2 emissions' "basis, the net contribution of the fuel level in the atmosphere, not only for emissions drain.

To ensure you can smoothly, the fuel supply system on board detects the mixing ratio of fuel in the tank and ensures that the power and torque remain constant regardless of the ratio of gasoline to biofuels.

Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen welcomes the new addition to the range of Bentley, and standardization of flex-fuel engines in all models Continental W12 2011:

"The new Bentley Continental Convertible Supersports combines exciting performance and dramatic style with the luxury and comfort in the tradition of Bentley convertible. Extreme power combined with FlexFuel technology pioneer, is now shared with all Continental models, reflecting the Bentley's continued commitment to the environment more. "

Bentley Continental Super Sport Convertible - in detail

The new Bentley Continental Supersport Cabriolet is a car to be driven to be fully understood. Behind the wheel, it is obvious that Bentley Supersports is a "fusion of extremes" - the ultimate in performance, daily usage and craftsmanship unparalleled luxury.

Bentley Supersports program started, "under the radar", a project to explore the possibilities of weight reduction Continental GT Coupe, but more power and torque. Largely an experimental project as soon as encapsulated in the official program of the new car, driven by a passion and enthusiasm of a small group of engineers and designers of Bentley. Now Bentley Continental Convertible Supersports have the same attention and the results are equally dramatic. Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn, Member of the Board, Engineering, explains the philosophy behind the project:

"The" extreme "Bentley's stable now has a new occupant in the shape of the Bentley Continental Super Sport Convertible -. Resolved and a car as powerful as the coupe, but with the elegance of the car roof down "

A very focused, pure Bentley driving experience

With 630PS (621bhp) and 800nm ??(� 590 ft) of torque, its engine and pioneering a new FlexFuel "Quickshift" missionary, Bentley Continental Convertible Supersports is the fastest drop-top Bentley has ever built. Accelerates from 0-60mph 3.9 seconds (0-100 km / h in 4.2 seconds) and conditions permit, may continue on a top speed of 202 mph (325 km / h).

The increased power and torque transfer to four-wheel drive system through a quick review and six-speed transmission Quick Shift, more than half the travel time (for only 93 milliseconds) and maximizes the potential new convertible enormous. The gearbox has also revised the ability to deliver double downshifts (sixth to fourth gear, for example) and enhances acceleration in the speed range. To handle the power and torque, the planetary gear set of the ZF transmission is also enhanced.

Positive torque at debt reduction achieved by the engine and the interaction of electronic transmission controller for additional gas and fuel injection during the overrun. During gear changes up a gear, fuel and ignition cut time to give a fast switching time by limiting the mechanical couple also improve ride quality and durability.

Extreme Performance Super-door Bentley Continental Convertible is the exact counterpart, agile, while maintaining the best in its class and the ride comfort and refinement. Developed GTC Speed, chassis improvements are re-tune electronic Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system, stiffer suspension bushings front and rear anti-roll bar increased. Bentley Continental GTC Supersports Convertible shares the ride with speed, sits 10mm (0.4in) below the front and 15mm (0.6in) below the standard behind the CG.

The back of the front suspension of the lever has a redesigned hydraulic Bush, 33 percent stiffer than that of GTC Speed ??improved steering response, while the reinforced rear stabilizer bar provides better body control and hand in response.

The system retuned CDC offers more control over body movement to find the best balance of agility and comfort in all the maneuvers of driving conditions. Agility is enhanced by a distribution of torque to the rear-biased 40:60 four-wheel drive system that reduces understeer in hard cornering and offers the experienced driver to modulate the line of the car and balance with the throttle accurate.

Alloy wheels forged 9.5Jx20 inches, shared with the Coup� Supersports offer a weight saving of 10 kg (22 lb) per vehicle, reducing unsprung mass and rotation, while opening 10 spoke cooling design provides superior brake. The rear wheels are 25 mm (1 inch) more than offset resulting in a 50 mm (2 inches) for increased rear track, others take advantage of handling and stability.

The lightweight wheels are fitted with 275/35 ZR 20 Pirelli Ultra High Performance tires, providing excellent steering performance. Adjustment of the standard system for monitoring tire allows the driver to select the type of tires and the parameters of speed range. And pressure monitoring, the system warns the driver if the speed is too high for the tire pressure or tire speed ratings are exceeded in the winter.

Bentley Continental Convertible Super Sport is an advanced electronic stability control (ESP), the intervention of moderate to low speeds, thanks to more powerful engine and improved chassis, improving driver interaction and control. New ESP also offers a faster re-tighten after surgery, when the driver better control of the spiritual. The sliding lens has increased by more than 90 percent of gas usage throughout the longitudinal traction available. Out of the turns, agility is a way to improve the driver to increase participation. Along with changes in the chassis, tire and track to achieve a better grip, turn, and agility.

The ceramic carbon brakes are standard installation and gives a reduction in the rotation and unsprung mass of 20 kg (44 lb) of the front axle for good steering response, traction and ride comfort . The large diameter (420mm front, 356mm rear) discs and eight-piston light offer performance brake fade with minimal distortion of the disc in high temperature conditions. Pedal feel is also improved with shorter trips, high efficiency and a precise point of pressure.

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