2012 Chevrolet Captiva

U.S. origin Manufacturing Chevrolet opened early in 2011 with the launch of the Chevrolet Captiva SS. In plain view, outside view there is no change between the Chevy Captiva before SS and Chevrolet models.
Indeed, the latest in Chevy Captiva SS is available in parts of the engine. Chevy equip new machines despite having the same engine capacity 2400 cc. How does it feel?
Entering the cabin, new instrument panel is clearly seen the difference with the previous series. This can be seen from the indicators of fuel and engine temperature are on the outside, now both are placed between the speedometer and tachometer.
The driver's seat is very fitting to obtain visibility to the front, on the second row passenger seat still looks roomy for leg room and visibility to the front but the rear row of passenger seats impressed forced to get narrow enough room for foot passengers.

For convenience the car is equipped with a multi-information display that shows information about the outside temperature, air-conditioning control, fuel consumption, average speed, engine hour, and a digital compass.
Intrigued with entertainment treat that fester in the cabin, market + to try to operate it. As a result the quality of sound that sounded so steady, honest Chevrolet Captiva equip audio system with Surround Sound 3D software made Arkamsys and supported the right cabin acoustics.
The more enjoyable the trip because of an audio system that sounds more alive. With the addition of a USB connector, aux-in terminal complement preexisting more comfortable we add a song to taste. In addition to be connected to a USB flash, this socket can also be used to charge the phone battery.

Captiva SS series is the only non-ladder frame SUV that features accommodations for 7 people. Access to the third seat can also be done quickly and easily.
If you need a relief begasi, second and third row seats can be folded easily fixed via a single lever. You can fold up flat to the floor of the trunk to produce 1565 liters of space-volume goods. This capacity is bigger than its competitors.
With the specification as a 7-seater SUV, Captiva rear suspension can be calculated to bear heavy loads. That's why self levelizer Captiva are equipped system to keep the height of the rear car. It also dampen shocks in the cabin when passing in the street MacAdam Jonggol area. In a fairly high speed on the highway this car is very agile to maneuver around the corner.

  PerformanceThe most powerful weapon that belongs to Captiva diesel is the engine and transmission. Power and torque Captiva somewhat large for the 2.0 liter engine if dikomparasi with 2.5 liter turbodiesel engine owned by Fortuner and Everest. All personnel who diletupkan Captiva depot personnel directly channeled to the front wheels via a 5-speed automatic transmission. We liked the diesel engine, feels spontaneous and extraordinary power. We have never felt the two competitors 'seberingas' Captiva. The other good news, Captiva diesel engine is very satisfying when played at high rpm. And kick-down in the rpm down, no less impressive, very quick response by the machine. Feels that the torque began punching in the range of 1500 rpm.
Diusungnya automatic transmission works smoothly. However, exploring the Tiptronic transmission that carried Captiva diesel is more fun. Position the transmission in gear-4, you still could spur above 160 kpj, because the spin machine is still being extended to 3000 rpm. With a combination of automatic transmission and 2.0 liter turbodiesel diesel engine, acceleration 0-100 kpj Captiva enfolded in 13.5 seconds, while the use of the Tiptronic is able to cut 1 second. With the acceleration performance is satisfactory, Captiva diesel is also fun to be invited to overtake another car in front of him. In fact, with the transmission in D position though, the driver simply play on the accelerator, and calculate the distance needed to make overtaking, then let the runway diesel depot work.

 During the test drive almost did not encounter any significant obstacles, safety, driving comfort and entertainment cabins have been obtained. To fix the price of PT Indonesian GM Chevrolet Captiva SS Rp 313 million On The Road Jakarta with 6 color choices are Black Sapphire, Royal Gray, Sterling Silver, Sparkling Tan, Alpine White and Tornado Red.

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