2011 Toyota Supra in white colour

We saw the FT-HS prototype in 2007, and all Supra car enthusiasts looked at it with hope… as their beloved sport toy was withdrawn from production in 2002. Unfortunately Toyota officially stated that this project didn’t have the top priority.

Now more details are being unveiled, as the new CEO of Toyota Akio Toyoda will probably push something like this forward. The prototype looked really good, so even if they will cut half of these “too modern for the real world” design elements, it can still look interesting.

Probably it will be a hybrid, as Toyota is trying hard to be considered as “eco”. I really don’t care about the hybrid solution to be “eco”, what I do care is the extra torque, it can give the driver through the back of his seat. It is supposed to be a sports car – fun car, not some marketing / treehugging vehicle that just looks good. Fortunately for all eco sceptics, there is a good probability that non battery powered versions will be available.

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