Specifications New Mercedes Benz CL63

 Mercedes Benz CL63

Specifications- prices Modifications and Images new Mercedes Benz CL63

GERMANY - After some time ago a Mercedes Benz C-Class models released in 2012. Now the German car manufacturers are launching again and introduce new C-Class aerodynamics. with a new look more attractive and seems so luxurious.

Like the C-Class standard version of 2012, the AMG version is also using eskterior and interiors have been updated. On the exterior we will see a redesigned front bumper that looks more elegant and sleek, more streamlined headlamp design with LED lights that are brighter to look at long-distance and more dynamic, and a new grille with a horizontal bar instead of two, the same as that found in SLS AMG.

 The new car type CL 63 is designed with power steering is very light and allows the driver to operate it. with a very soft seat that looked very luxurious with leather interior and is designed with a combination of bright colors seem very elegant.

Under the front hood CL63 AMG, there is a capacity of 6200 cc V8 engine that is ready to produce power up to 457 HP. power can be increased up to 487 HP when using booster device concoction of AMG. A clear strength such as horsepower, heat resistant and filled with engine reliability.
CL63 car example

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