Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Mercedes SL-Class

Misha Designs has just unveiled its new widebody Mercedes-Benz SL-Class , as if the normal one isn’t wide enough.

The new package includes a new front bumper and lower lip spoiler made from carbon fiber. These help to increase the opening in the front to allow more air flow. The fenders and the quarter panels are widened to merge with the wheel arches with air intakes behind the front wheels. This will give the Misha SL a Black Series-like look.

The new kit also uses a new bonnet with carbon fiber vents. There are side skirts that meet up with the fender flares and a rear bumper with carbon fiber gills on each side. There is also a carbon diffuser and a truck spoiler for aerodynamics.

Misha Design says that you can have this done to any post-2003 SL model, but it can provide an easy upgrade bolt on kit for the face lifted 2009 version. As if the new version wasn’t vulgar enough, this steps it up one more notch

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