Is piggyback good for BOT proejct that exceed 100% of stock horsepower ?

Regard above question . I will say piggyback no longer a right fuel management if power produced after BOT exceed stock power another 100% !! Let say stock 120 - 130 bhp . And you got you ride BOT and boost 1 bar . With that boosted pressure , the rated power should be around 260 - 280 bhp. Is 100% improvement over stock power. My personal opinion, piggyback is good if power make not exceed 50% over stock power. If more than a basic standalone is better than that. I am being tuned more than 10 campro BOT . Majority is xenon's customer ride . Only one BOT campro was using haltech sprint 500. The rest is either haltech interceptor and unichip . The one with haltech sprint 500 is really impressive with response . TD04HL used in this Campro BOT. I can find the difference if compare those campro BOT with TD04HL and use piggyback as fuel management. Overall performance is better !! So my advice is looking for right fuel management if you decided to boost above 0.5 bar . Nowaday basic standalone like haltech sprint 500 & adaptronic e420 is affordable. You just need to spend another RM800 for better performance !! I know is a pain to pour so much at once. But you will even pain upgrade from piggyback to standalone !! Many of them just thinking standalone is too much , i am totally not agree. Standalone is just nice and not too much. When you decided for BOT , you should make a brilliant choice on fuel management.

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