Subaru Celeno Concept

Subaru Celeno Concept front

Subaru Celeno Concept Side

Subaru Celeno Concept Back

The Subaru Celeno Concept is Quesada's interpretation of a small Subaru with some BMW Visions EfficientDynamics thrown in. It's a sleek four-door coupe seen down the hypothetical line created by Subaru's own Hybrid Tourer.

Looking at Subaru's relatively boring lineup (barring the STI, and to a lesser extent, the WRX), it's refreshing to find people interested in bringing some new ideas to the brand. In the case of the Celeno, that person is budding car designer Xuacu Pérez Quesada

Mr. Quesada interned for Italdesign and received an M.A. in Transportation Design from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia; he is obviously not a person playing around on the computer with a bong and some photoshop skills (to those people out there: feel free to keep sending stuff in, we don't mind).

Ultimately, is the Celeno clearly a Subaru? Nope, but it has some very cool details - like the frowning front fascia, colored side panels, and backlight-hugging tail lights - that would be much-welcomed in future, less bulbous Subaru designs.

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