Audi plans declassified until 2015

Audi A7

At the moment, perhaps, no novelty does not cause so much hype and talk, as Audi A7. We must pay tribute to the Germans, the interest in the car, they warmed up very skillfully.

That only stands separate small booth at the MIAS-2010. It is completely hidden from people, and hides this model. Curious reporters could look at the car with my own eyes, but here's pictures of him strictly forbidden.
Meanwhile, from the Audi is expected not only the premiere of this car in the near future. Most recently, representatives of the Ingolstadt automaker presented to the public development plan until 2015. After reading it, we realized that the company's plans in the next 5 years to become the largest manufacturer in the market premium-car, have all chances to come true.
The obvious reason for joy many motorists will be that in early 2011 will provide updated Audi A6. The car, which both recognize and love, even fans of other German brands, should be even better. So far we only know that he is seriously grow up: the length of the machine will be about 4.95 meters. Will the outside of the business sedan. Hopefully will do without drastic solutions, because A6 and now not even a very bad one. For the new model promises to provide his wide range of diesel engines with power from 180 to 265 hp
Also in 2011 will have another representative sports line RS. They will become top model family A3: RS3. The machine will cut a wide swath 340-horsepower engine complete with a 6-speed dual-clutch. The unit, by the way, the one that is now installed on TT-RS.
However, to enjoy their superiority and uniqueness of RS3 will not last long. Already in 2012, will see the light of the new generation A3, which means that the world once again holding their breath in anticipation of the next, very fresh sports car based on this car. In addition, the novelty will be produced in bodies convertible, 3-door Sportback and sedan (!) (This car predict huge success in the U.S.). Besides already known and that all the engines, which it will be equipped, will meet Euro 6. On the platform of the car, incidentally, will deploy a stormy experimental activities. On the basis of A3, released a hybrid, electric trolley and a car that runs on natural gas.
We gathered in the Audi is not ready to challenge with someone else, but with Porsche. For this purpose, in the shops Ingolstadt forge a new weapon: R4. This car will act as a competitor model Boxster. This guide price mid-engine roadster to be something around 22 thousand euros. True, not aware of any engine in question. After all, the novelty will establish and diesel and petrol units. According to unofficial information, the most "frail" will be the engine capacity of 170 and 180 hp
Around the middle of 2013 will present new A1 and A2. The smallest in the family of Audi will be released in 3-door body, as well as variations Sportback and convertible with fabric roof. In addition, see the light hybrid model and S1.
In 2014, rejoice in turn will come to those who adore the Audi TT and do not suffer from claustrophobia (from too many trains on this compartment, have heard that they have started a panic in mind the very limited amount of free space). A brand new generation of the popular car, according to tradition, will be available as a coup� and convertible. The task becomes TT domination in the class sports cars, a little higher than that which will act as R4.
By 2015 we will see and Audi E-Tron, which some time ago did not say just lazy. A fully electric car based on the R8 should open a new milestone in the automotive industry. 313-hp supercar, with a maximum torque of 450 Nm promises to be fast. Very fast. Maybe not the same as its gasoline counterpart, but certainly one of the most rapid in its class.
Perhaps worth mentioning and Q3. The small SUV will complement the line of climbers mud, which now dominate the Q7 (his massive update is scheduled for 2013) and Q5.
However, it is all a question of the future. Now attention is drawn to the very same Audi A7.

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