Haltech PS1000 installed !!

Hi all ,

Finally haltech Ps1000 in my campro turbo already . Took 2 days to wire up and do some modification. Install external igniter and then install 510cc injectors . Currently tune on the road to get partial throttle map done first. Got snapped some photos , picture to show how messy the wiring :P . I don't have to convert drive by wire become drive by cable. I mean the throttle control . Haha ... Drive by wire work well , even i had the injector and ignition system removed and use haltech to control ... But only i can't get rid was the CEL :P ... Well that CEL doesn't matter for me ... As long engine can run , air cond ok and idling ok .... Check engine light forget about it ..... :P

Hopefully i got time to out on dyno and run a result .
Tomorrow will be busy to install PS500 on a V-tec B20B

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