Toyota Prius Hybrid - Hit By Brakes Fault.

toyota prius brakes complaints
The best selling, Japanese Toyota hybrid car, known as Toyota Prius has received complaints in their brakes mechanism. Analysts project severe revenue downfall due to it.

The new Toyota's gas-electric hybrid car, which was released and became available for sale in Japan and U.S.A in May 2009 has been a best selling model with 4.5 million vehicles already finding their owners.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received 180 complaints about the brakes of the Prius new model. The fault involves, remaining of the gas pedal in depressed position.
Two crashes have so far been reported due to this fault resulting in injuries.

It's not the first time as Toyota had received 14 complaints well before in July, last year as claimed by the Japan's transport ministry. One of these 14 complaints includes a crash, when a prius at the Japan's intersection crashed into another car. This crash also resulted in some injuries as reported by Masaya Ota, a transport ministry official. He further added:

"The Prius driver in the accident told police that a brake did not work," Ota said. "Other Prius drivers also complained brakes were not so sharp." The complaints in Japan involve the new Prius model, and the vehicles were all made in Japan".

The ministry has already ordered an investigation to be held. Toyota spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi said the company has received reports about the Prius complaints in transparent none repeat scroll North America and in Japan and was now looking into the matter.

As the wise men said "A mistake is not infertile" the Toyota has been hit by some financial implications because of this fault. It's shares drop by 5.7% to 3400 Yen when the stock holders start dumping their shares after this news however 19000 vehicles which have been already imported from Japan to America are not part of the recall. Any serious issue regarding its current fault can result a downfall of an innovative hybrid, eco-friendly car.

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