How To Remove Dents From Your Car

Dents on a car are hated all around the world by the car owners as they seem to sabotage the whole look of your shiny, pimped out, modified car. Many car lovers, rush to their their nearest car body repair shop to fix a car dent as soon as they get one and empty their pockets by paying heavy bills of these body repair shops. Not all the car enthusiasts know that they can easily remove car dents simply by using common house hold dent pulling tools as well as some specialized tools and the cost of removing them is pretty nominal as compared to those heavy bills of body repair shops. In this post I will discuss some easy "how to remove dents" techniques which can be performed via the help of some specialized or common tools which are available every where at economical price. Its so easy to remove car dents that after reading this post you will say for yourself that "car dent fix" is definitely a DIY job.

I will discuss a some general steps of removing car dents. But first just a quick peek of some tools that are considered effective as auto dent puller.

Dent Pulling Tools:

Now there are different dent pullers or dent removers which are used to remove dents from the car. Some of these are specialized for this purpose while some of them are common house hold tools which cab also be used for this purpose. These tools or materials can be:

  1. Wooden block and a hammer.
  2. Suction cup dent puller integrated with air compressor.
  3. Dry Ice.
  4. Plunger
and many other tools which I will discuss later, can be used as dent pullers or dent removers.

How To Remove Minor Dents On A Car:

Note that these steps are recommended only for minor dents on a car.

  1. First clean the area with water and a piece of cloth so you are in a clear contact with the surface area and the dented region can be easily seen.
  2. Drill a hole right at the center of the dent.
  3. Insert the dent pulling tool inside the hole.
  4. Try to pull the dent puller towards you until it pops out.
  5. Once the dent pops out, remove the dent puller.
  6. If the dent has been removed, fill the hole with the body filler and cover the area with touch up paint.

Remove Car Dents By Suction Cup Dent Puller:

Most non violent way of popping out minor car dents is using a dent puller which when combines with air compressor attempts to pull it by creating a suction. Therefore I would call it as a suction dent puller. Following are the steps to use this tool effectively.

  1. Clean the area with water and a piece of cloth.
  2. Combine the dent puller ( suction dent puller) with an air compressor and activate it.
  3. keep the dent puller on the area of the dent.
  4. Make sure that there is no gap or space left open between the dent puller and the dent area of the car. As any space left opened will make it impossible for creating a vacuum and no suction would be created.
  5. Once the dent puller is nicely placed it will attach to the car's metal where it has been placed. This will testify that the tool is working effectively.
  6. Pull the tool towards yourself. Since there's a vacuum between the car body and the dent puller so the car dent will also tend to pop out with the dent puller.
  7. That's it. You are done. De-activate the air compressor, remove the dent puller and ta-daa!!! The minor dent on your car is a history.

How To Remove Relatively Larger Dent From A Car:

If the dent is relatively larger to pull it from a dent puller you can use a small sledge hammer and a small 2"x 4" wooden block. Follow these steps.

  1. Remove the upper layer of the dented area from inside the car. For instance if you want to remove dent of a car door. Reach inside your car and remove the clothing or leather layer from inside your car so that you reach the effected region from inside.
  2. The area must be popping out from the interior side as it must be appearing as popped in from outside.
  3. Take a wooden block and keep it on the surface area of the dent area.
  4. Now take a hammer and hit the block with the hammer. Make sure that you hit the block gently or you will cause a permanent damage to the car body.
  5. Your job is done once the dents pops out from exterior and the body returns to it original position.
If the text is becoming difficult for you to understand, watch the video below. Explaining the above methods in visual.

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