Honda CR-Z

Recently a CarReview reader commented that he didn�t understand why the Honda Accord continued to make everyone�s �Best Choices� list when the design and drivetrain appeared relatively conventional. The answer is execution and detail engineering. A car is more than the sum of its parts. Behind the wheel you realize that at its core Honda is an engineering company and knows how to make exceptional products � even the seemingly mundane volume selling sedans.

That said, what standout engineering and technology has Honda offered lately? Where�s the new VTEC? Or the lauded double wishbone suspension? The 2010 Fit was listed as one of CarReview�s �Best Choices� and is the current standard for packaging efficiency. The upcoming CR-Z is poised to be a similar dramatic hit. Drawing on the storied 80s and 90�s CRX styling, the Honda CR-Z will blend packaging efficiency and an innovative hybrid drivetrain to add a sporting flair previously unseen in hybrids. Honda�s engineering mojo is back and the CR-Z has many enthusiasts waiting in the wings for this sporty urban runabout.

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