Lambroghini Goes Green too - Amazing Diversification.

Just few years ago motor sports company were reluctant to diversify their hot wheels to a more greener side but now it seems that the majority of them are responding to the call of time. Lambroghini decides to go green as well. Amazing isn't it? It's a very rare but appreciable enough step by a company who has been known for its racing and speeding cars. I hope they have plans to curb the implications as a result of this decision.

Though it's a good initiative but it cannot be regarded as the only sports car company who took this bold step. We've seen Bentley releasing its bio-fuel car and also not to forget, ferrari, which is working hard and utilizing its large portion of research and development expenditure in reducing carbon emmissions. Let's hope lambroghini also performs well in this area.

Analysing the lambroghini's policy, we can see that they have seriously applied some business process re-engineering to some extent regarding the manufacture of their cars. The newly launched Lambroghini LP560-4 is able to emit 18% less CO2 than its prequel, Lambroghini Gallarado.

Lambroghini doesn't consider this enough, as they have committed for even more which means that they plan to reach a target of 35% less emmission by the year 2015. As I said they are applying some business process re-engineering, they are planning to modify a plant by installing a raft of solar technology in the next few years costing about 35 million euros and it will be able to cut the CO2 by 30% while produced during the production. They are not putting a full stop here as Lambroghini is also planning to reduce the weight of their cars, designing more efficint engines which includes introducing hybrid engines as well.

We must hope that this step of lambroghini would create a ground of competetion for other car manufacturers as well and ultimately the world or eco system would be benefited.

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