Tata introduces new scheme in call rate

The new scheme pay per call introduced by Tata is more beneficial. The scheme includes the following things-

Each local call cost is Rs 1 for 10 min and each STD cost is Rs 3 for 10 min.
This offer is only for those who purchase of a new handset of Tata Indicom network.
If sim is used with old used handsets, the cost is Rs 1 per minute for a Local calls and Rs 1.50 per minute for STD Calls. Local SMS cost Rs1 per message and National SMS cost Rs 1.50 per message.
As a special offer, customers will gain from an extended pulse of 3600 seconds for all local calls for the first 15 days from date of activation.
Rental charges are included, daily rental charges about Rs 1 per day.
This pay per call plan can not be tied with any other special offers which have free talk time or free minutes built in.

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