Test Drive Audi S8

Audi S8

Some machine immortalized in films, for example, Lotus Esprit Lt. Frank Bullitt's'68 390 GT Fastback �lifted� to film James Bond, a Lamborghini Countach remembered in the film �The flight gun kernel�.

Same with Audi S8, one of the �heroes� film �Ronin�. At the outset of the film asked the driver what kind of car they need, and he responds: �Something very fast. Audi S8, is likely to come �. But that's not all. The car is not fast enough and the driver asked her to equip the system with two fuel to enrich the mixture with nitrogen.

Audi S8

After the test drive it was clear that black S8 is absolutely no association, and people perceive it as an ordinary sedan, one of hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

Nevertheless, it must be said that the S8 - luxury car, with excellent technical characteristics. I must say that it greatly underestimated, because the car looks very similar to A8, which is released in 1997. In fact, engine power increased to 360 hp, optimized turbosistema, more aggressive suspension, while the external parameters have only dual pipe muffler, wheels became larger on the grille and boot lid has a small icon.

Audi S8

Like the A8, the S8 wheel is �intelligent� pyatiskorostnaya box-automatic Tiptronic. Acceleration from the floor up to 100 km just excellent for this class of car - 6.2 seconds.

In any real situation, this machine will meet your expectations. Even if in the cabin 4 adults, you can safely walk any slow minivans on the road.

Audi S8

While in the city S8 not rezok and quickly - because of the automatic gearbox. You will have to wait until the speed reaches the required mark, that it switched to the next transfer. Transmission almost perfect, switching speeds are absolutely imperceptible.

In many situations, S8 does not behave like a luxury sedan, but as a real sports car. In part this is due to the fact that it is easier many of their peers. All springs and dampers on it a few tougher than its cousins. Wheels - branded 18-inch discs with tires 245/45ZR18. The department A8 and S8 feels palpable difference. In A8 suspension is too soft, and it is felt to bad roads. By the S8 is not at all, no complaints. Quattro system gives the driver confidence and calm in any way.

Audi S8

ABS works flawlessly - as would be cool, you have not been included in the rotation, the machine does not lose stability. Perhaps only the brake pedal when you first clicked, the person is not yet accustomed to its peculiarities, has too much backlash, particularly at high speed. ESP system also have a place to overseeing the state machinery and intervening when necessary, although, of course, change the laws of physics is not able even to her.

The salon is very convenient, high quality materials seat and quietly fit in the trunk of a small begemotik. You can not even mention such trifles as a navigation system, parking sensors, heated front seats, a large hatch with electric drive and the ability to shade the side window. Although there are some negative points. Rear certainly convenient, but not so too. Places for the head and feet - enough, but nothing more. Not too many places to store various things like gloves, packs of biscuits and toys.

Audi S8

In the tested model is slightly poskripyvalo when you open the driver's window and that a tap in the trunk. But it is likely that this is the lack of specific machines.

Summarizing the above, it can be concluded that the S8 has significant advantages over many cars in its class due to full drive, streamlined form, excellent performance and ease of management.

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