"Charged" Audi A5 demolished roof

Cabriolet S5

In the lineup Audi A5 update. The company has submitted an open "charged" version of this model - Cabriolet S5.

The car was turbocharged engine V6 TFSI, which has replaced atmosferniku V8. The new engine gives 333 hp and supplied with seven S-Tronik transmission with two clutches. In S5 will complete the drive, which distributes the draft, not only between the front and rear axle, but between each wheel and with the optional sport differential.

Before hundreds of S5 speed of 5.6 sec. And the maximum speed is limited at around 250 km / hr. In doing so, CO2 emissions of 224 g / km and fuel consumption - 8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Cabriolet S5

S5 equipped sports suspension, 19-inch discs, finished aluminum outer mirrors, xenon headlights, rear LED optics. The level of noise in the convertible is the same as in the model with the body compartment. Cargo space is quite large - 380 L, that is, it fit the luggage of four passengers.

The soft top can be cleaned for 15 seconds. at speeds up to 50 km / h, the CarAdvice.

In England, has already begun taking orders for a novelty.

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